OH KATIE! – behind the blue door

By | 13th November 2016

I think of myself as a switch and for quite a few years my regular session was with a submissive – though the poor girl was expected wield a cane from time to time. Despite the best efforts of Mistress Elita and others to beat it out of me, my switchy side is still strong and I love to let it out. Which is how I came to find myself in the Blue Door Dungeon on a wet mid-week afternoon waiting for lovely American submissive, Katie.

bluedoor room

I’ve seen Katie a few times now and am gaining in confidence in our sessions. I imagine that in a full time D/s relationship the nervousness I feel before a session with a pro-sub would disappear, but it still seems a huge responsibility to have someone allow me to tie them up and hit them.

The preliminaries out of the way Katie went off to change. I collected some leather cuffs, a variety of implements and a vibrator and took my position in a tall, upright and (in my mind at least) very “domly” chair and waited.

She walks slowly towards me in black lingerie and kneels on the cushion I’ve placed just in front of my chair. I put a collar round her neck, cuffs on her wrists and ankles, talking quietly all the time about the session; I tell her she’s mine, lay out my rules for the session and describe the things I’m going to do to her. Her whispered “I love this” is welcome encouragement.

Spanking. Softly first then harder. Ten or twenty smacks at a time. Between sets I allow my fingers to slip down over her panties then inside, teasing at first, then stroking softly, each movement eliciting a moan and a sexy little squirm. Katie’s a lovely squirmer. After a very firm set of smacks I make her squirm until she’s close to coming then break off and spank her hard, really hard, full force slaps. It’s cruel but she likes cruel. Finally I slip my fingers inside her, stroking her clitoris at the same time, till she comes fast and hard. I love it when she comes.

She’s standing. I’ve made her nipples sensitive by working them over with my lips and teeth. Nipple clamps, the weight of the chain pulling down on her nipples. Long cord tied to the chain. Leather tawse; bend her over slightly and smack her across her bottom with it a few times.

“That hurt?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Remember that!”

I pass her the tawse. She hits me with it. I tell her I want it harder. My sharp intake of breath comes from the impact; hers comes from the heavy chain swinging from her nipple clips. This is a game and it’s all about shared pain. I kick it up a bit, pulling on the cord to pressure her nipples further, then telling her to hit me; to do so she has to turn against the nipple clamps, which now won’t move with her. The first time she doesn’t turn far enough to hit me properly so I growl at her and tug on her nipples. Next time she takes the pain and gives a full swing, hitting me hard right across my arse. Predicament bondage. Shared pain. I love this stuff. I bring her to a noisy orgasm with my fingers. I love it when she comes.

She’s tied to the St Andrews cross, facing me. Two lines of clip’s run from her chest just above the nipples down over her stomach. She’s breathing hard already, cries out as I run my hand down the line of clips. This feels like too much but when I check in, looking into her eyes, it’s clear she’s fine. I tug the strings, clips flying off as I do so, each one bringing a little yelp. One clip left on each nipple. Flogger full across her breasts. Impact of the tails on her skin, clips tugging at her nipples but they stay. I hit her again, harder; it gets a louder yell. The clips still stay. A mistress did this to me once, causing intense focussed pain as the clips flew off. I want that for her, but I can’t bring myself to hit her hard enough to dislodge the clips. I use the vibrator to make her orgasm till she’s hanging from the straps. I love it when she comes.

Over  the bench – tied down. Flogger. Flogger everywhere; back, bottom, thighs. Her responses are truly beautiful; she shows me both her pleasure and her pain. At the end I cane her. I don’t like this cane; it’s not straight; it’s hard to be accurate. I concentrate, give her ten. She wants two more so I give her four. She gasps as it hits. White lines that turn red. This is so hot; the sight of her tied to the bench, her submission, my knowledge of just how much it hurts.  I know just where she is because it’s where I go. The vibrator again, pushing her down hard onto the bench as she comes one more time. She’s so wet now. I love it when she comes.

On the bed. Insider her. Missionary position, or it would be if her knees weren’t up by her ears. Each time I push deep inside her she stretches her neck back and moans. I haven’t done this for so long I find it wondrous, beautiful, renewing. She grabs my nipples and squeezes hard so of course I squeeze hers; squeeze till we’re both moaning in pleasure AND pain. It’s perfect. When my orgasm comes it takes me over for minutes and leaves me shaking.

Oh, Katie. How wonderful that you should give me your submission, accept my bondage, take my pain. How wonderful that you love these things as I do; that, throughout our session, you communicated your pleasure to me as well as your pain, giving me the confidence to push you as you like to be pushed; to push you as I like to be pushed. This was the session I wanted, the session I needed.  You pulled me out of my grumpy negativity and, when I closed the blue door behind me, I felt floaty, positive and ready to take on the world.

Thank you so much.




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