THE MAIN EVENT – sinful sunday

By | 4th December 2016

Up to now it’s been foreplay really: I’ve spanked her; played games with lines of pegs across her skin, made her orgasm several times under my control. But this is what we’re here for.

Having sessioned with her a few times I now have the confidence to let my dom out a little further. I’m going to flog her with the whip and then I’m going to cane her. I’m going to cane her quite hard.

For now though, I let her wait; moving a little to feel the restraints, feeling the leather of the bench against her skin, sensing the weight of the whip lying along her back.

This is the main event and the anticipation is palpable, a presence in the room.

bluedoor bench 2


The spankee in this image is American submissive Katie who is huge fun to play with. I turn to her when my swtichy side needs to be allowed out to play.


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13 thoughts on “THE MAIN EVENT – sinful sunday

  1. SassyCat

    This is gorgeous photo. The lighting, the different tones of purple and red. Such a supple canvas….Hope fun was had by everyone.

  2. Jo

    Oh – I love the mixture of fear and excitement that comes with waiting to be spanked, cropped, or flogged… very pretty lighting, too!

  3. Jaime

    She has a lovely bottom. I expect it looked different but still lovely, once the spell broke.
    Wonderful photo of the moment before!

  4. Krystal

    There’s something I find erotic about the ends of the purple-whippy-thingy resting on her butt and falling between her smooth round cheeks.
    Ironically, I have that same purple toy… hhhmmmm… I think I will wrap it up and put it under the tree as an extra little gift for Mr. Minx 🙂


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