FLAME – @19Syllables for Sinful Sunday

By | 7th January 2017

As this is the 300th Sinful Sunday, Molly is hoping to reach a record number of posts. By way of ‘doing my bit’ I offered twitter friend @19Syllables the opportunity to publish an image on my blog as a guest post. She came up with the beautiful image and words below.

I’ve been looking through some of my old haiku this week, seeing which ones are worth keeping, or working on further. Most are discarded, but this one still chimed, so I’ve kept it. I think it still rings true for me as, although I love the summer most, there are some treats that only winter can bring, and top of the list is the fire in the hearth.

We met by firelight, and to be naked with him in front of the flames will always feel like coming home.

spoon pik

Your breath on my skin,

I bask warmed and ignited.

I’m beautiful here.

Happy 300th week Sinful Sunday, thank you, and @bibulousone for having me as a guest.

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19 thoughts on “FLAME – @19Syllables for Sinful Sunday

  1. @19syllables

    Thank you for such positive comments. What a treat to read them. Also thanks to the photographer, @nicolaslaborie for taking the picture and to @bibulousone for encouraging me to share it. (Actually, just for encouraging me generally.) x

  2. Molly

    Thank you to you both for helping to celebrate Sinful Sunday 300th week. This is a beautifully sensual and the words that go with make it even more intimate. I love it


  3. Nicolas laborie

    Gorgeous haiku !
    Lovely to see the picture – I still have such a found memory of the two of you, breathtakingly moving slowly to each other heartbeats….
    As sensual as the evening was, you deserve the praises 🙂 x

  4. Krystal

    Such a Sensual Image!!
    I love being the spoonee AND the spooner EQUALLY…MMMmmmmm!!

  5. Camille

    This position looks VERY familiar to me, and I do love being the little spoon. Wonderful words and image! ~C


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