KATIE GETS IT – letting my Dom out

By | 10th January 2017

I posted the picture of the lovely Katie below as a Sinful Sunday image soon after our pre-Christmas session. However, this was quite an event for me, indeed it is very much still with me, so I’ve decided to write a post about it.

The venue was the London Dungeon. Any session there will be memorable. It’s not so much a dungeon as a collection, carefully curated, of all things kink, spread through three rooms. While Katie changed for the session I surveyed the options available. Everything is so tactile there, to run your hands across a rack of floggers, feeling the tails against your skin; to touch the supple leather of the bondage bed, testing the strength of its thick leather straps, these are already supremely kinky moments. Moving  through the rooms I collected items that caught my eye, a leather collar that looked as though it might fit Katie’s slim neck, a strap, some nipple clips, cuffs, rope. I positioned myself in a high backed chair and waited.

London_Dungeon_Hire 1

She returned, looking wonderful in lingerie that emphasized her curves, and left her beautifully defined back and firm bottom open to my gaze. I had her kneel in front of me while I laid out my rules of the session and confirmed my understanding of her safe words, emphasizing that I wanted to hear from her if she was unhappy with anything I did. These are normal BDSM protocols but it felt like foreplay, more so with her whispered “Yes, Sir” responses.

And so it began.

Spanking, slowly at first, not too hard, feeling my way. Then heavier, two handed slaps, one on each cheek of her pretty little arse. I love the little yelps she makes as I smack her. I send her to the next room, telling her select two paddles, one leather, one wooden from the huge selection. I wonder if choosing the implements for her own punishment is as hot for her as it is for me. She hands me a short leather paddle. I use rhythmic smacks, interspaced with gentle rubbing, letting her feel my hand over the sensitive skin of her reddening bottom. The wooden paddle, with it’s long handle and round end, shaped like a flat donut,  is a serious implement, and I put to one side. For now.

She stands, feet spread and leaning forward, her arse towards me, threatened with a paddling if she moves. I run a finger along the line of her cunt, letting the silky material of her beautiful lingerie do its job. I trace the little valley from end to end with just one finger, just once; wait a while, then do it again. This time I get a small moan. This is a new game but I like it.  After the third time she shakes a little as a ripple of need runs through her. This is about wanting, waiting and control. The finger again, using only the gentlest pressure. I let it pause on her clitoris just a moment then take it away. Now she’s really shaking, struggling to hold her position. Once more and  she’s begging to be allowed to come, but she’d moved too much so I spank her hard with the wooden paddle before letting her orgasm in an explosive shaking, moaning release.

To be able to induce these intense reactions in a young attractive, vivacious young woman like Katie is hugely erotic. It gives me confidence, makes me more sure of what I’m going to do next.

She’s tied alongside the bondage bed, the position in the image.

katie LDH1 bw2I have chosen the flogger carefully. I use it lightly on her back and with real intent on her bottom. I love the strength of her reactions, the way pain and pleasure seem to merge. I know exactly where she is because its my favourite place, afloat on a sea of sensation. Emboldened, I move directly behind her, my body hard against hers. I grab the leather collar, squeezing it tight around her neck and bring the flogger across her breasts. A pause to sense if this is OK for her; the moaned “Yessss” is all the green light I need. To feel her jerk against me as the whip falls across her breasts; to feel her push back against my cock in between blows, to control her breathing with my hand around her throat; suddenly, and perhaps for the first time, I fully understand the thrill of dominance, the thrill of her total submission. I release her collar, slip my hand between her legs and stroke her dripping cunt, all the time whipping her with the flogger until she comes hard and noisily, hanging off the straps as she loses control at the end.

Fuck, I love it when she lets herself go.

Another room. A beautifully made leather covered spanking bench. She’s tied down, offered little movement. I hold a long leather strap, perhaps 4cm wide. I bring it across her backside again and again, loving the broad red mark each blow leaves. Five strokes, pause, soft hand over the marks, five more stokes. Four sets of five, the last hard and fast, making her yell. I let her rest, stroking her gently. She knows we’re not finished because she picked out a cane before I tied her down.  Using the cane is harder for me at first as I know just how much it hurts but I don’t sense we’re close to her safe word. The perception of our world shrinking is exactly as when I’m caned myself. I have absolute focus on Katie; only on her; I focus on striking an exact spot on her bottom with an exactly amount of force, gauging its effect by her yell and the way she pulls against the straps. It’s violence, measured sure, but still violence. It is also an erotic, intimate and highly sexual interaction.  

Putting the  cane down I take her, still tied to the bench; pushing deep into her, pushing and pushing till she comes one final time, moaning and pushing back against me. My own orgasm is a huge rolling wave of release that runs through my whole body.

When I untied Katie she kissed me so deeply, with such passion and for so long that any nervousness as to whether I may have gone too far vaporized instantly.

We had used all the rental time for the dungeon so were dressed and back out into the cold London air in unseemly haste. I was left high for days, shocked at the intensity of my own reactions to the session, shocked perhaps at who I had become, even if temporarily:  no longer a submissive who occasionally also likes to spank girls, but a dominant, revelling in my control and her submission to it.

I can’t thank Katie enough for allowing me to explore and understand this other side of me and for saying such lovely things about the session afterwards.

And I can’t wait till next time.


2 thoughts on “KATIE GETS IT – letting my Dom out

  1. Marie Rebelle

    This is so beautiful: “I was left high for days, shocked at the intensity of my own reactions to the session, shocked perhaps at who I had become, even if temporarily: no longer a submissive who occasionally also likes to spank girls, but a dominant, revelling in my control and her submission to it.”

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful session with us!

    Rebel xox

  2. Lord Raven

    ah that beautiful transition as we evolve from submissive to a Dominant. I wish you much joy and you discover this amazing world filled with many joys and pleasures


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