OH, GOD. NOT THOSE! – sinful sunday

By | 29th January 2017

I’d seen these little bastards before, two years ago with an American Mistress. She’d made me keep them on my nipples for 10 seconds the first time, let me recover then replaced them for 20 seconds. So when Elita produced the new toys she had promised me, I instantly lost control of my heart rate and my breathing, as adrenaline surged through my body.

It is hard to describe the sensation these nipple torture devices create. It’s instant, it’s extreme and it’s very hard to overcome.

wire clips 2

However, what I can say is they provide the most direct route to subspace imaginable. The journey on which they sent me formed the culmination of sixty minutes of extreme sensual masochism that is still with me now. You can read about it here.


More, perhaps less extreme, sin here:

Sinful Sunday

10 thoughts on “OH, GOD. NOT THOSE! – sinful sunday

  1. Jo

    Eeeeeesh – this looks like *actual* torture far beyond the bounds of the “torture” I enjoy! I’m glad you’re enjoying them, though. ^^

  2. PiecesofJade

    Ooh W had one of those…I couldn’t tolerate it! One of those, “nope, not even for ten seconds” toys. You’re very brave!

  3. Rebecca

    Part of the beauty of sinful sunday apart from the picture here which perfectly shows how tortuous this device must be is the learning aspect. Having discovered sex in the past two years my knowledge is lacking somewhat and it is a learning curve and I have been opened to an interesting world that has encouraged me to explore and perhaps try variations. Thank you, your words also made me wince at the thought of the extreme sensations.


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