HARD LIMIT – losing my cherry (sinful sunday)

By | 25th February 2017

It’s my oldest, hardest limit. Being hit there….y’know…. there.

So ball busting, the BDSM practise where the Dominatrix kicks the submissive in his testicles, that’s never going to happen, right?

But what if it was to happen? Just once.

foot3 bw

One step at a time, Elita led me to the very edge; she let me take a long, close look and then, gazing straight into my eyes, she pushed me over.

The intensity of the build up, the panic before the act itself, the desperation to overcome the sensations it caused; these were new extremes in our exploration of my masochism.

She has never taken better care of me, nor hurt me more

which, in a strange way, made this session perfect.

If you are not horrified by the very idea, or even if you are, you can read more about this intense, challenging and rewarding experience here.

cherries 1


More, though hopefully less extreme, sin here:

Sinful Sunday

11 thoughts on “HARD LIMIT – losing my cherry (sinful sunday)

  1. Bee

    Limits are strange things aren’t they, we think they’re set in stone then something comes along and disturbs that balance!

  2. Rebecca

    I find this an extraordinary piece of writing as I suffered whilst reading and I am female. An intense blog post indeed

  3. Molly

    Most of my hard limits are pretty set in stone but there have been some that started off as such (bleeding is one example) that have since moved onto the do it to me again and again list.



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