OVER THE ARM – spanking fun (Sinful Sunday)

By | 4th March 2017

I’ve been thinking about the lovely Katie quite a bit lately; to the point where I might need to see her soon. Last time we met I played out a hot scene from the Lars von Trier movie, Nymphomaniac Volume II, where Charlotte Gainsbourg is tied down over the arm of a Chesterfield sofa and punished by Jamie Bell. That’s right, him from Billy Elliott.

This was only the start of a long session so it was a spanking and a mild(ish) flogging that Katie was in for rather than the vicious beating that happens in the film.

BTAB katie chair BW

That didn’t stop it being hot though. Katie’s submission always feels like a very special gift and the fact that I pay her for it doesn’t lessen that feeling one bit.

This session had a strong sexual element in the classical sense of penetrative intercourse. Lately though, I’ve been thinking about how strongly sexual a BDSM session can be, even if it doesn’t include the act itself. The post I wrote described the intensity of the sexual connection in such “non-sex” sessions.


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6 thoughts on “OVER THE ARM – spanking fun (Sinful Sunday)

  1. Bee

    I’m torn. Some scenes are very sexual for us but others give me a completely different release

  2. Molly

    I am all about the sex but I do agree with you that an intense BDSM scene can be very sexual even if it does involve actual sex


  3. Marie Rebelle

    I am totally with you on that – a BDSM session can be intensely sexual, even though there’s no intercourse during it. This image is lovely and quite inviting 🙂

    Rebel xox


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