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HEY, LET’S TAKE A PICTURE – (sinful sunday)

“Hey! Let’s take a picture,” she said.

What followed was lots of wriggling around in front of the mirror, trying to get the angle right. We were both as high as kites, having survived horrific beatings with a dungeon-full of fearsome corporal punishment implements. Her man had been doing the beating and he hadn’t messed about. He hadn’t messed about at all.

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The atmosphere helped; not a stern, humourless punishment scene or indeed any role play at all. It felt like three people letting their kinks out, playing with each other, testing limits. The fact that Elita took her beating first and took all of it; that helped too, though only in the sense that it eliminated any possible recourse to a safe word.  I’m not entirely sure I’d have made it to the end otherwise.

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“COME ON UP! I’M READY” – she was, but was I?

A while ago, it seems like ages, I agreed with Mistress Elita that at some point between then and my June holiday her man, a serious BDSM practitioner, would appear unannounced in one of our sessions. I described the motivation for this unusual agreement here. It seemed likely that the session we had pencilled in for May at Blue Door Dungeon would be the one, but it wasn’t certain and definitely wasn’t certain enough for me to relax.

Which, for a fear junky, was rather the point.

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THREESOME – when 90 minutes is forever

I’m sat in my car on a warm afternoon at the end of the week. The car is parked exactly at the intersection of my two lives. Behind me: a three-way BDSM session full of extreme sensations; full of pain, pleasure, and eroticism. In front of me: home, family and the long Easter weekend that I’m not yet ready for. That’s why I’m here.

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BLOGGING – the tyranny of success

I have a tendency to start things without a clear vision of where I want them to get to; or, sometimes, without any vision at all. This characteristic makes me a risk taker in business and, on holiday, makes me dangerous to ski behind!

In that vein, I guess you could say I sleep-walked into blogging.

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