HEY, LET’S TAKE A PICTURE – (sinful sunday)

By | 29th April 2017

“Hey! Let’s take a picture,” she said.

What followed was lots of wriggling around in front of the mirror, trying to get the angle right. We were both as high as kites, having survived horrific beatings with a dungeon-full of fearsome corporal punishment implements. Her man had been doing the beating and he hadn’t messed about. He hadn’t messed about at all.

Her: “That’s no good you can’t see the marks!”

“No. But, Elita, just look at your arse!”

“But what about the marks? Don’t you want to see the bruises?”

“But, Elita, your arse looks magnificent!”

“Well, OK; if you insist then.”

after both

Sadly, we never did get a record of her marks. However, if you want to get an idea of just how impressively marked she was, I suggest you cut out a small part, about 30% should be enough, of my bruised and battered arse from the picture in the post about the session and stick it over hers in the image above.

Yeah. That’ll work.


More, probably less badly beaten, sin here:

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20 thoughts on “HEY, LET’S TAKE A PICTURE – (sinful sunday)

  1. Parallelsecrets

    That is something we don’t do often enough..taking pictures during the flow of passion. Thank you for a lovely reminder

  2. mariasibylla

    Thanks for giving us a little window into such a beautiful relationship! Your photos always illustrate your words perfectly.

  3. Monika

    I think you got the angle just right 🙂 Yep taking pictures is so playful and funny, it always make a giggle.

  4. Molly

    I love this, there is something delightfully intimate about it and also playful and sexy


  5. Rebecca

    Falling…………… a wonderful picture of your continuing pushing of boundaries and fun x

  6. Jaime

    So, it seems you had a wonderful time!

    And that is indeed a magnificent ass.

    And a great, sexy fun photo!

  7. eye

    This depicts the incredible intimacy that comes after we do the things we do for me. Always leaves me wanting more x


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