THE RED FRAME – dungeon (sinful sunday)

By | 6th May 2017

The red framed mirror on the dungeon’s black wall shows us a lot, though not clearly, only partially revealing its disturbing charnel-house of pain and perversion.

What stories it could tell us, this mirror; stories of sex and violence, of bondage and punishment; stories of hedonistic pleasures taken and received.

All manner of kinky fuckery could have happened here.

The threat-filled readiness of it all is chilling.

dungeon frame

But it’s exciting too. For this place holds memories for me. Memories of my first threesome BDSM scene when I was beaten alongside one beautiful woman by a second; memories of Katie tied to the cross, crying out her orgasms; memories of Elita and her man fucking next to me while I drowned, isolated and alone, in a sea of pain.

Oh yes. There are memories here.

In the red framed mirror.


This image comes from a recent visit to The Blue Door Dungeon in Islington. It’s a rental space of considerable kinkiness available by the hour or overnight.


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13 thoughts on “THE RED FRAME – dungeon (sinful sunday)

  1. Jaime

    Brilliant photo! Red, with emotional (at least) teeth and claws!

    Great evocative text, too!

  2. Aurora Glory

    Oo I cant even imagine all the seriously hot things that mirror has probably seen! That looks like a room I could have a lot of fun in!
    Aurora x

  3. ShonzMI

    That is beautiful….so much to look at and your words deliciously describe the scene.

  4. Molly

    It feels bit like a ‘through the looking glass’ image, in that if you passed through the mirror and into that room a whole new world awaits



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