MISTRESS KIKKO – Las Vegas (sinful sunday)

By | 13th May 2017

Why this picture? Why now? It’s a year old after all.

It is, in fact, almost exactly a year old.

I have a pretty strict rule that my kinky activity is not paid for from my bank account, but from accumulated winnings from playing poker. Each year, along with thousands of other players, I take a trip to Las Vegas to attend the World Series.

When I’m there I spend time with Mistress Kikko, who made these marks and many, many more on my last visit.

cane marks vegas

These marks came from a session where she walked into my hotel room, spent 45 minutes taking me apart and then left, all without saying a word.

Actually that’s not quite true.

Near the end she said these words. Just these two words:

“Last fifty.”

It wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

So why this picture now? Well, the flights and hotel are booked for next month and I just made contact with Mistress Kikko.

That’s why.

16 thoughts on “MISTRESS KIKKO – Las Vegas (sinful sunday)

  1. Jaime

    Well, I know how Mistress Kikko keeps fit! Those are impressive marks! And a record of an amazing time.

    Good luck for Vegas! Great shot!

  2. Julie

    Wonderful. I love Vegas too, but have sadly never had those kinds of memories or marks

  3. Cara Thereon

    I’m headed to Vegas again in September though I’m not so lucky to have those marks to look forward to. Lovely marks too

  4. Aurora Glory

    Wow they are some impressive marks! I hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas and with Mistress Kikko again!
    Aurora x

  5. Molly

    Damn those are some impressive marks. I LOVE Vegas, I am very envious you are going there again. I do hope one day that I will get to visit it again


  6. Rebecca

    I wonder if she said the words “last hundred” an instant reaction happens. Underlying in your comments is the indication of a successful poker player so I wonder if you lost at Poker what is the cheaper mistress?

  7. eye

    Interesting boundaries there. I enjoy hearing about your exploits. It feels like a window into such a different life

  8. HappyComeLucky

    It looks as though you don’t believe in the what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas line. Those marks must have stayed with you for quite a while.


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