MISS S SUBMITS – the reply (sinful sunday)

By | 20th May 2017

This rather lovely picture comes from my recent session with Miss S*.  I met her through Mistress Elita but this was the first time we had played together alone. It was also her first fully submissive scene. Although I proceeded with caution, frequently checking in to ensure she was happy, the session went further than I had anticipated. Quite a bit further. I tried to communicate its emotional intensity in my earlier post.

Miss S replied with a beautiful, deeply personal and wonderfully intense description of her experience of the scene. I have posted it below.

The image shows Miss S kneeling in front of me while I set out what I expect from  her. The way she slipped into submission was lovely to watch.

This is the point from which her description starts.

lilly kneeling spanking BW L

I was shaking like a leaf, and I couldn’t get it to calm down. It was embarrassing, as we hadn’t actually done anything yet. I felt like a sprinter in the blocks waiting to hear the starting pistol. When it didn’t come, the building adrenaline had nowhere to go and I was shaking harder and harder from the excess. Then I started sweating and my voice started wobbling and I thought, I’m just going to rattle and fly away, right here between your legs on the dungeon floor, before we’ve even started. When you buckled the leather cuffs onto my wrists and ankles, I instantly felt a little calmer. Still trembling a little, still poised, ready for that pistol- but anchored, safer from my shaking, more able to look at your face and speak.

The nipple clamps hurt more than I thought they would. It wasn’t a consistent, restrictive pain, but a surprising burning pain that rose and fell in waves, making my whole face mist over and my whole body soaking wet. Sharing it with you by biting your nipples helped. Then I felt body and mind gently separate, my mind sinking and disappearing into a wet, pink hole and leaving me alone with my body and you. It was time for spanking.

The sensual spanking made the skin on my back prickle and my pussy cry to be touched, but I couldn’t ask for that because asking would break the spell. All I could see was black, and then a first blow from the flogger so hard, it made my ears pop. More, more, more! Stroking now, lightly tapping my breasts, the backs of my shoulders, and all over my melting panties. I felt your fingers inside them, gently loving my clit while your other hand beat me senseless. My ears were ringing, it was black, I was riding a big purple wave. The wave finally broke and I was floating all alone in the darkness on the other side. I was surprised to see the familiar dungeon wall when the blindfold was removed because I had visited somewhere else without realising it.

I was scared to death of the final spanking because it was supposed to be the hardest, but I had already reached my pain limit with the blindfold. Incredibly, my body somehow manufactured another round of adrenaline and I was shaking so hard I wobbled when I walked to the chamber. I felt nauseatingly exposed bent over the spanking bench, my last scrap of lingerie ordered off. Legs apart, head down, arms down, wait. Horribly, horribly aware of the cool air on my wet pussy and ass, pale white skin standing out of black leather. Can’t tap out yet. Terrifying. Jumped a mile when you slowly circled the bench, carefully strapping me in and down. Instantly safer- the difference between being on a roller coaster and being fired out of a cannon. My heart still sank when I heard how many blows I would have to take, followed by my first strapping. I tried to burrow into the bench and hide.

I learned a lot about pain in the next few minutes.

Pain makes an idiot of you, rips down your poise, makes you feel like it’s going to last forever, then suddenly, it’s gone and you can hear yourself breathing again.

When something hurts, it makes you cry out immediately. When something really hurts, there’s a shocked vacuum of a pause between the slap and your shout. When something REALLY hurts, there is an additional pause between the sound of the slap and the overwhelming shock when you feel it, so the time between the smack and the scream is even longer. The more pain, the longer the pause, the less sexy and feminine my shriek, the more it sounded genderless and eventually, animal. Two more straps to go. No way. I tried to catch my breath to shamefully admit that I couldn’t make the last push, and you psychically knew and gave them both in rapid succession so it was over and I made it. As I came to, I realised I was panicking against the restraints and panting like I’d finally completed that sprint, coming in at a time of about two and a half hours… probably. I had deliberately avoided checking the time at any point because I didn’t want it to be over.

Now I was clinging to the bench like it was a raft I’d ridden out a storm on, with your warm reassuring body and hands on my back. You fucked me and encouraged me along with some other implement- I honestly don’t remember what- and I came and I cried a little, I’m not sure why. It felt like some hidden poison had been pulled to the surface and then evaporated. I felt brand new and freer nude in my shackles than I had when I walked in in my street clothes. I felt deeply thrilled, childlike-happy, when I sucked your cock and made you come. There was so much positive energy in the room, I could almost see it.

We stumbled out of that dungeon grinning and laughing and looking at each other and looking away and laughing again, touching occasionally, knowing the joke, more like a couple of 20 year-olds falling out of a nightclub at 2am chewing their faces off than two sober adults who’d enjoyed some responsible fun well before bedtime. I felt drunk and silly and didn’t care a bit.



If you haven’t read it already, my version of these intense, erotic, emotional events is here.

*Note: I have played with Miss S a couple of times with Mistress Elita, but this was the first time we had played alone and the first time she had fully experienced the submissive role. She has written a very personal piece on her experience here and doesn’t want to be booked as a submissive. For this reason she has asked me not to use her real name on this post.


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10 thoughts on “MISS S SUBMITS – the reply (sinful sunday)

  1. mariasibylla

    This post and the one you link to with your side of the experience are absolutely amazing. After reading this one, I was going to say that the second to last paragraph sums up perfectly how I feel about being spanked. The poison, the tears, the child-like happiness. It’s that whole package that I crave and love. And they way you described your balanced desire to hurt and protect at the same time is such a piece of insight. Thank you! And of course, I can’t end this without mentioning the gorgeous photo. Miss S looks amazingly sweet and lovely knelt there between your knees. Beautiful.

  2. Exposing40

    Such a great post. Like many I love the smile playing on her lips, but more than that I love the blonde curls of her hair trailing down her shoulder, ready to be grabbed.

  3. Jaime

    You both have quite the way with words. Your piece and hers are Beautifully written. And then that image, with that lovely red smile! Perfectly beautiful!

  4. Bee

    I love her smile, she seems so happy yet apprehensive about what is soon to happen.

  5. Marie Rebelle

    Miss S has a beautiful smile, beautiful lips and a wonderful way of writing about her feelings and emotions. It touched me.

    Rebel xox

  6. Molly

    I love the soft smile on her beautiful red lips in this image and her description of events is very sexy


  7. Rebecca

    I follow Bibulous with a keenness of learning about this lifestyle, at times I struggle to get my head around the concept of pain and pleasure but nevertheless the writing always delves deep into my consciousness and I am fascinated between the demarcation of daily life and the lifestyle as beautiful described in the blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed the perspective from the Miss S this week and thank her for the time taken in writing. The hint of a smile appearing in the photograph provides a glimpse into the pain and pleasure. I look forward to the continuation of challenging Bibulous as well!


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