PENTAGRAM – rope, leather, skin (sinful sunday)

By | 10th June 2017

I love this image. It’s from my second one to one session with Miss S. It’s a joint effort; I took the picture on my phone and she turned it into the beautiful, soft, black and white you see here. She thought it looked like a kinky perfume advert and I can only agree.

Dominance, submission, bondage, the giving and receiving of pain; all this is new to Miss S. To introduce her to these things and, in particular, the submission that allows me to do so, feels like both a wonderful gift and a huge responsibility.

L bondage BW

Our time together was erotic and emotional, leaving me with feelings of wonder and gratitude, on a floaty high of ecstatic release.

She gave herself to me, conquering her fear, and allowing me to lead her into new and frightening places.

That story and another beautiful image are here.


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12 thoughts on “PENTAGRAM – rope, leather, skin (sinful sunday)

  1. Jaime

    That is indeed beautiful.

    And how lucky you are to be able to introduce her to so many new and wonderful things. (And she is to have you guiding.)

    Sexy and beautiful photo!


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