D IS FOR DRESSED – sinful sunday

By | 1st July 2017

What to wear to a beating?

Why is it even a question? After all I’ve been entirely undressed at more or less every session I ever had and have barely given it a thought.

But I sometimes find myself wanting to wear something; wanting to wear something in a, frankly, rather fetishy way. Playing in a dungeon recently, I tried on a leather bondage harness and it felt good. I liked the way  the straps pressed on my skin, the tightness of it all, especially around my backside and the groin area. I liked it a lot. It made me focus on my body and what it was feeling.

Naked, I’m just a target for the Mistress; a toy for her to play with; the forlorn looking male in a Sardax sketch. Clothed, in the male equivalent of her lingerie, might I feel somehow different? Might it change the dynamic in some subtle way?

I visited a sex shop when I was in Las Vegas (as you do) and, amongst a few toys that shall remain nameless for now, I purchased the tight-fitting, ball-hugging, arse defining item of underwear shown below.

bottom BW

I guess I’ll find out whether it does indeed feel different next time I have a session. It certainly feels pretty good right now.

It’s actually a good job I took this image. I had been assuming that, two weeks on, the evidence of the beating I was given before I went away would have entirely faded away. In the colour version of the picture the twin tracks of the Mistress’s cane are still evident. Vigilance, it seems, is still required.


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18 thoughts on “D IS FOR DRESSED – sinful sunday

  1. Mariasibylla

    So hot! I definitely feel sexier in certain clothes, I’m excited to see if it works for you 🙂 (I mean, this photo works for me, but, that’s not what I meant) 🙂

  2. Shalla

    Mmmmmmmm yes!!!

    I know for me… I feel sexier wearing something, even just a lil something and it changes everything in such a way that it’s all more intense

  3. Aurora Glory

    Live a black and white photo! I imagine it will feel very different. I have a fetish for strappy lingerie and adore your description of how the tight straps felt!
    Aurora x

  4. Exhibit A

    It’s one of those things I hadn’t thought about till I read your post, but yes, that makes total sense – of course what you wear will affect your experience! Love the way you wrote about this, and the image fits the words perfectly.

  5. Violet

    Like so many other commenters, I want to hear what the result is! Looking good in the meantime!

  6. The Other Livvy

    I love the idea that you might experience the session differently if you’re wearing different clothes – I look forward to reading about it! And that really is a strong and powerful image, it’s really good! Xxx

  7. LittleSwitchBitch

    I totally get when you – I find dressing myself in fetish related clothing helps to heighten my sense of touch as well as smell <3


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