TAWSE! – new kinds of ouch (sinful sunday)

By | 22nd July 2017

My image this week comes from my first meeting with Miss Hunter. She introduced me to the Tawse, the feared instrument of punishment in Scottish Schools until it was banned in 1987.

She had me use one hand to hold the other steady and looked me straight in the eye, a silent challenge to keep still.

She feinted several times, lifting the strap high, only to bring it back into position softly.

And then, a spoonful at a time, she poured molten lead onto my hands.

tawse hand dress

This was quite a session, full of new experiences and new sensations. It is described here.


miss H tawse


As always, more sin behind the lips:

Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “TAWSE! – new kinds of ouch (sinful sunday)

  1. MariaSibylla

    Reading the description of you looking into each other’s eyes before she brought the tawse down on your hand is intensely hot. I can’t imagine the pain that must have brought on sensitive palms and fingers.

  2. Rebecca

    I have to agree the term Molten Lead has summed up the intense pain and heat this would have inflicted. Do you ever blanch when looking in the eye?

  3. Elliott Henry

    That is quite the instrument. Nice analogy with molten lead. I’ve not had molten lead poured into my hand, but it was a good description of the pain the tawse caused as you were lashed. I’ll bet the’ looking straight in the eye’ thing was nerve wracking too.


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