IT’S A WRAP! – all the ouch (sinful sunday)

By | 29th July 2017

Caning is all about the cane.

The sensations of a thick, stiff cane are quite different from those of a thin, flexible one. As are the after effects.

Which is not to say the thin cane is easier, just that it’s different. Depending on how the impact is managed by the caner, the thin cane will become a rattan whip, wrapping round the bottom and biting into the flesh at the side, flesh which is probably less accustomed to such treatment.

Last week I had a session where I was tied up in a room with a Mistress I had never met and couldn’t see.

She had a thin whippy cane and, quite deliberately I’m sure, she let it wrap.

These are the marks:

cane wrap 1

And, by way of demonstrating what a light, seemingly “easy” cane can do, these are the marks three days later:

cane wrap 2

This session, both for the one-on-one scene with the unknown Mistress and later for my first session with two Dommes simultaneously, was one of the most intense things I have ever done. It was amazing and is still with me.


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14 thoughts on “IT’S A WRAP! – all the ouch (sinful sunday)

  1. Molly

    The same can happen with a flogger, I know this from personal experience and it stings like a bitch but oh the marks



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