LOOK INTO MY EYES WHEN YOU HURT ME – (wicked wednesday)

By | 6th September 2017

Look into my eyes when you hurt me.

Measure me with your stare.

Judge me, assess me, size me up.

Am I complacent of frightened?

Am I compliant or defiant?

Still early on the road or near its end?


Consider all these things, then hurt me.

Grasp, tug, twist, squeeze, slap

till the pain shows in my eyes

the sadistic excitement shows in yours

till we’re locked together in agonized embrace

you straining with the force of it

me straining with its pain.


Let go, sit back, appraise once more

Could I take another?

You know you want to

as you know I want to.

But I’m lost, you my only guide,

both my assailant and my protector.

Only my eyes will tell you.

Stare through them to my soul.


Let BDSM’s electricity crackle

between our opposite poles:

your dominance and my submission,

your sadism and my masochism,

your pleasure and my pain.

Then hurt me one more time.



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