AFTER THE PARTY – the arnica rub (sinful sunday)

By | 9th September 2017

I wrote yesterday about my first visit to the Slayers Corporal Punishment party. It was quite an afternoon; sessions with each of three Mistresses and a final caning from all three of them working together. It was all co-ordinated by the wonderful Miss Hunter, with whom I had had a previous private session.

I floated back to my hotel room in a bit of a daze, bottom throbbing. I took a relaxing shower and lay face down on a towel, drifting in the dreamy, contemplative place to where I am always transported by CP sessions.

That’s where this picture was taken.

slayers after

Ah, but who was the photographer?

What could be more perfect after care than a meeting with the wonderful Miss Lilly Watson? She’d collected a room key I’d left at reception for her and walked straight in on my recovery.  She was, of course, lovely; all “ooh, gosh” and “aaah, you poor thing”, as she rubbed the Arnica cream gently into my bottom.

And, d’you know what? I’m a complete sucker for that type of treatment.

That was just the start of a couple of hours of sensual and intimate pleasure. But that is most definitely a story for another day.

The description of the CP party is here.


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15 thoughts on “AFTER THE PARTY – the arnica rub (sinful sunday)

  1. Alice King

    Oh my those marks are just so lovely!!! I have a love/hate relationship with canes. Honestly love them after a good warm up.

    Sounds like a perfectly wonderful party

  2. Flip

    I absolutely adore reading your blog, and seeing the photos which often accompany your posts. This one is wonderful, having a love/hate relationship with the cane, I both cringe at the site of the redness, and crave it.


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