LATE CHECK-OUT – Lilly comes back for more

By | 15th September 2017

This post is written by the wonderful and lovely Lilly Watson. We had a really fun session last week that was very intense for us both. The following morning we chatted on Twitter…..

A habit I’m trying to drop is idly playing with my phone before breakfast. I feel I ought to be doing sun salutations, meditating or setting daily goals while listening to an inspirational playlist, but instead I lie in bed and scroll through my Twitter (@MissLillyWatson), too sleepy to type properly, so just retweeting things I like. I’ll probably never get round to compiling that playlist. Oh, well.

This morning I awoke in Mistress Elita’s bed and started chatting to a fellow early bird via DM: you. We’d had a seriously erotic encounter the previous afternoon and were both still buzzing. We agreed to meet for breakfast at your hotel so we could chat in real time over coffee and eggs. I leapt into a green summer dress and out into the misty September streets, just grabbing my handbag on the way.

Arriving in the restaurant and spotting you at the best table, we kissed hello and ordered coffee and orange juice. The casual conversation naturally started to veer towards reliving the previous afternoon. We ordered smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and grinned at each other, touched hands, laughed and looked away.


An hour had flown by but I didn’t want to leave, so I ordered a second cappuccino. We talked about sensual spanking and I squirmed and shifted under the table. I felt I was getting hotter and gigglier by the minute, less cool and not at all collected. You noticed and gently, subtly, quietly suggested the possibility of slipping away to your room for an intimate late check-out. How could I resist something that felt so naughty and daring?

Your penthouse suite felt strangely quiet after the clattering restaurant. I took off my green dress, leant over the headboard in the middle of the bedroom and looked at the rose petals on the duvet. The suspense was killing me. You started spanking me through my black lace panties, gently and then with gradually increasing force, pushing the material to one side and eventually sliding them off.

A harder spanking followed, yet it was careful and tender and full of connection. I felt you were reading my thoughts. We had agreed to try using your belt again, which felt just as shocking as it had the previous afternoon. The hard, loud snap voiced the sensation of it. The final two blows took my breath away and I curled up in shock.

In the ringing silence, you wrapped your arms around me from behind and I hung on tight for a long time. When I finally turned around, I felt strangely shy, but that quickly melted away when you hugged and congratulated me.

We retired to the bed in warm, comfortable silence, until you suggested another game that I don’t think I will share today… but it was hot as fuck.


Lilly and I first met only in March. She was new to sex work and completely new to BDSM. This session, a properly hard hand spanking and ten really solid blows with a belt, followed by another, rather challenging, BDSM game, marked yet another evolution of our play together. It is such a privilege to share these new experiences with her. I looked at myself in the hotel room’s long mirror after she had left, muttering under my breath: “You lucky bastard!”

I still feel that way.

lilly bottom

OK, I know I’ve used this image before, But……..

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