JUDICIAL – the out-takes

By | 3rd October 2017

By way of a little light relief (for me that is) after all the introspection a heavy session tends to cause, here are some more pictures from our dungeon based judicial punishment scene. These didn’t make the other posts!

He (caner/photographer for the session: Elita’s man)  tried various positions to get the perfect “after” shot. Here we have the “vertical arse stack” and the “side by side”.

double caning pik

And then he insisted on taking this one:

cane marks with canes

It’s not easy holding a cane like that either, especially not when your arse is in the state that ours were!

I love the fun in these shots. It’s not surprising; we were as high as kites on the intensity of what we had just been through.


Here’s an edit I tried, looking to get the perfect still from the video he took:

caning still ss

I love how far the tip of the cane is wrapped round his body!

Finally, one that illustrates just how difficult it is to take a good selfie of your own arse!


7 thoughts on “JUDICIAL – the out-takes

  1. Rebecca

    Those marks are outstanding. I also appreciate that the session has lasted a lot longer than the actual session creating some wonderful thoughts

  2. Lord Raven

    Excellent marks and canes are not my first choice but defiantly in my collection of toys used to get a frisky bottom’s undivided attention

  3. Marie Rebelle

    I don’t think I would ever be able to handle a caning like this, but oh my gosh, those marks… I would love to have those marks on my backside. Love these photos, for the marks but also for the fun in it!

    Rebel xox


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