ELITA GETS A CANING – (sinful sunday)

By | 30th September 2017

This is what happens when Mistress Elita lets her submissive side out to play.

She plays pretty hard. Thirty strokes with a thick, dense cane from her man. Long swings with real force. All thirty of them. I saw every single one from directly in front of her.

I saw the pain of them all in her eyes.

I watched her loose the battle early on, crying out her anguish into my face;  then I watched in admiration as she got on top of it, motionless in stiff defiance, only to see her lose it again at the end, tears appearing for the last five strokes.

It was quite a thing, it really was.

cane marks Elita

And her immediate reactions at the end of all this brutality? She tried hard to supress her tears so as not to frighten me before I took the same caning. Then as soon as she had been untied and had stood up, she asked permission to give me a hug before I went over the bench.

You see, she had her client in the room and her first concern, even after all this, was not for herself but for me.

Because she’s fucking wonderful.


You get a feel for how hard these strokes were from the video in this post.

More, perhaps less sore, sin here:

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Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “ELITA GETS A CANING – (sinful sunday)

  1. Flip

    I adore your blog, every post gives me so much to think about, and admire about the two of you.
    This photo is wonderful.


  2. Jaime

    She does have a wonderful ass. And it gets beautifully decorated, when she lets her submissive side run free.

    Hot photo!

  3. Aurora Glory

    Wow that’s definitely a work of art on her behind. I adore how you described watching the reactions in her face, incredibly erotic!
    Aurora x

  4. Mrs Fever

    I’m not typically a fan of strap or cane marks, but this photo, with its lingerie-shop style minimalist simplicity, makes an impression.

    I like that her skin stands out so peachy-soft against the black background and the way her satin suspender grip waves at the viewer like a little “play with me!” flag somehow makes the subject more… I dunno, more flirty and fun(?)

    Objet d’art boudoir.

    I like it. 🙂

  5. Rebecca

    The strength of Elita is astonishing, she certainly is a caring person especially since her composure was all about concern for you, bravo Elita x


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