A BIT OF COMPANY (sinful sunday)

By | 22nd October 2017

I’m only staying at the 5* Mandarin Oriental Hotel because my local business partner is paying the bill, but I’m now bored of its bland luxury. It’s been a long trip and I was feeling lonely earlier, which is how I had come to be in the hotel’s cocktail bar.

I’d spotted the young woman as I walked in, wearing a slim fitting dress in the local Batik style and moving through the bar with the effortless grace of many Asian women. I guessed her age at early 20’s, like all the “working girls” in the bar.

At first we’d chatted easily over the drinks I’d bought, but I’d suddenly been flooded with self doubt, or perhaps it was guilt. “What was I doing? Am I really that guy; the lonely, older business traveller taking the much younger local girl to bed for money?” I decided I would give her a bit of cash for chatting to me and call it a night.

“Hey Mr B,” she said in her lilting, accented voice; “What you like do in bed? We go your room if you like.”

“Oh, I  don’t think you’d enjoy that,” I said, more roughly than I’d intended, “I like to tie girls up and spank them.” I guess I was intending to put her off; make it clear I didn’t want her.”

“But Mr B,” she replied, pretty almond eyes looking up at me; “I like to be spanked. My boyfriend spank me all the time. Look, I’m submissive!” and she proudly peeled back the high neck of her Batik dress to reveal a slim collar in studded black silk.

So here we are, back in my room on the fifteenth floor. She’s in the bathroom getting undressed. As you can see, I’ve got the bed ready for her: a pillow, the eye mask from the flight here, my leather belt.

I think I’m ready. I hope she is.

hotel bed



For the avoidance of doubt this didn’t happen; at least not the taking her up to my room bit! I guess I was still sustained by my super-hot BDSM threesome at the start of the trip  



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11 thoughts on “A BIT OF COMPANY (sinful sunday)

  1. Molly

    I am sad to discover this didn’t happen but I can totally understand letting your imagination keep you occupied.


  2. May More

    Sexy story. I first met my man 20 years ago. He knew we would be a powerful duo so aimed to put me off or test me by saying to me
    “you won’t want to come home with me as I want to tie you up and whip you”
    – we had a short liaison and parted. I then spent the next 17 years thinking about him doing just that!


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