NOT ANOTHER EMPTY ROOM (sinful sunday)

By | 28th October 2017

I was away on business for the last couple of Sinful Sundays and composed shots around empty hotel bedrooms. It might have seemed a bit sad, but I was happy enough to be on my own.

This week found me in another hotel, this time nearer home, for a bit of pre theatre kinky fun with the very beautiful and very lovely Lilly who, by the way, has a rather …errrr… ‘enticing’ new website here. So, without apology, this week’s Sinful Sunday is more or less the same shot as last week’s.

Only this one has someone in it.

lilly bed

You can’t tell from the image, but Lilly is wearing Bluetooth headphones. I bought them for this specific purpose.

She’s lost in her own world, a world of eerie chanting.

You can hear it here:     

A riding crop, smacked hard on her bottom, is about to cut through that sound and bring her back to my world. And my world, a world of extreme sensations, will mingle with her world of sound.

There’s more about this sexy and ultimately joyous evening and also related thoughts on re-discovering sex here.

The sound track to this kinky fuckery is The Host Of Seraphim from Dead can Dance. Elita introduced me to it. 

More sin here:

Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “NOT ANOTHER EMPTY ROOM (sinful sunday)

  1. Jaime

    That’s a really great photo. And yes, that Lilly girl has a spectacular bottom. In fact, she looks very nice in general.

    I admire the auditory deprivation idea. Though I also love Dead Can Dance, and can hardly consider listening to them as deprivation. Still, every stroke can be a bolt from the blue. And that’s cool.

    Great photo!

  2. Jade

    I love the idea of playing with sound that way! I sent a link to this to my Owner, I am so intrigued. 🙂

  3. Bee

    Not being able to hear is something that unsettles me beyond my boundaries so it’s very intriguing when I hear about people who play this way.

  4. Indigo Byrd

    Beautiful rosy bum, gorgeous body – lucky you!
    All for the music too!
    Dead Can Dance awesome. Is she into Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors too?
    Indie x

  5. Jo

    I enjoy sound deprivation *so* much; too bad it’s not used more often! Lilly has a brilliant website and a fantastically-shaped bottom – very pretty in pink!

  6. MariaSibylla

    This is a lovely photo, of course, but I’m really intrigued by the music. I am definitely going to be checking out more of this group! I’m also interested in the idea of sensory deprivation, wondering how I’d like wearing the headphones with that music playing. The anticipation of a smack when I can’t hear if it’s coming, that would be really intense.

  7. littleswitchbitch

    Yes – thank you for adding audio. We play like this quite often. One days I feel in need a boost, I listen to one and it completely changes my mood. Love this post<3 Again, such a relateable piece x

  8. Molly

    Damn that is one very fine bottom. We have played with sensory deprivation in this way too but it was a long while ago now and I think it would be fun to try it again


  9. Elliott Henry

    I like having someone in your shot, especially Lilly. Good idea with the earbuds, and thanks for letting me hear what she was hearing.


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