WAITING IN THE DARK – (sinful sunday)

By | 25th November 2017

It wasn’t actually in the dark or there wouldn’t be a picture, but I was waiting with a blindfold on, waiting for the mystery Mistress. No name, no email, no website address. No communication of any kind. All I knew was that Mistress Elita, who had kindly set this up for me, had given her the time, the place and the unusual session request. This could be summed up as:

“Walk in. Beat him. Leave.”

My heart rate spiked at the click of the door lock. I heard her come in quietly, open a bag and arrange implements on the glass table. This is what she would have seen:

before on bed

Then she just stopped moving.

The room became a hole in time where everything was motionless. Frozen. Waiting. Was she looking at me, sizing me up; perhaps calculating what I might take from her? For what might have been five seconds or five minutes, she just stood there, drawing the moment out until I was ready to snap from the tension, almost begging her to hit me, hurt me; anything just to break the unnatural stillness.

Forty minutes later, she stopped moving again. Another hole in time appeared. After what felt like an age, she seemed to decide she was finished or, more probably (and accurately), that I was finished. The implements were returned to her bag, she applied a tissue to where the skin of my bottom was seeping blood and she left.

The silence could not have been more complete. Silence that was to sound as a black hole is to light.

Slowly, very slowly, I started to pull myself back together.


This is what she left behind:

marks 2 darker

I attempted in this post to describe why this very particular type of scene works for me and why I keep returning to it. Perhaps, when I’ve had time to process it more fully, I’ll try and describe the intense emotions and sensations that assailed me at the hands of the mystery Mistress.

I now know that the mystery Mistress was the very beautiful  The Lady Lola whom Mistress Elita had recently photographed. To push me as far as she did, knowing only what Elita had told her, took great skill and understanding.

She kindly took the pictures I show in this post.

implements hers

Lady Lola’s implements

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16 thoughts on “WAITING IN THE DARK – (sinful sunday)

  1. Julie

    I love the way you are able to describe events as they have played out. I do this in my own head at the time, but then struggle to remember them later. I really love that you can and that you articulate them so well. Then there are the images………

  2. Monika

    Wow! That is so sexy. I had to close my eyes to imagine this scene. Being on your own blindfolded with a stranger not knowing what’s gonna happen no words – I bet you will remember that for a long time. so exciting!

  3. Violet

    Excellent post; I was riveted. What about aftercare though? Do you not seem to need it? Having been on both ends of the stick (literally) I personally would suffer as the beaten OR the beater without at least a few moments of closeness and humanity. That said, this sounds lie a THRILLING experience and I’m happy that you were able to have it!

  4. Marie Rebelle

    You took me right there into the room with you, standing there, waiting for her to make a move and while waiting, wondering what she was about to do. This is SO beautiful!

    Rebel xox

  5. Aurora Glory

    I was very curious about this after reading your recent wicked Wednesday post. I think the idea is incredibly arousing and I can’t imagine how amazing it is to experience. The Lady Lola is clearly very talented, with the build up of anticipation and to use her equipment so thoroughly on your first meeting.
    Aurora x

  6. Molly

    I found myself holding my breath while reading this. I can totally get why this would be so fucking thrilling and slightly terrifying and how exciting that combination can be.


  7. Rebecca

    I think what struck me more about this piece was the silence, the non verbal communication which in the end spoke more words than words itself. I tend to approach your posts with caution, a mixture of total fascination and wanting to know more and more about what drives and commands you to push further and further. It is both exciting and beyond at times my comprehension although I want to comprehend. I remember chinese burns as a child and the wonderful feeling when it was released, and the very small indulgence I have with my men, or one in particular, the sound of his belt being removing causes an immediate sexual thrill but I am scared to push further. I looked at the photographs of before and after and the length of time involved, I try and imagine the feelings that this produces, the receptors, the feeling of wanting this, do you feel relief when it is over or deflation?


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