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By | 6th January 2018

I have a guest Sinful Sunday image this week. Let me introduce Sissy Maid Melody, who has written a guest post on my blog and with whom I am planning two more.

Occasionally, usually after I’ve done something quite challenging, Melody has popped into my blog and left a thoughtful, articulate and usually quite detailed comment. It was clear there were similarities in our kinks, particularly the inclusion of extended corporal punishment scenes.

But there were differences too, Melody’s focus being chastity and submission, mine being a sensual masochism. I wanted to give Melody a platform to write at greater length about her kinks and her experiences so have offered this Sinful Sunday and some guest post spots.

Here’s Melody on this image:

Almost every girl dreams of being a princess going to the ball. Why should Melody be any different ? The image of descending a marble staircase in this gown has been used as an hypnotic induction to a session by my Domme. She has designs to make me that person for real one day.

Melody ball gown

Melody’s first guest post is here.

A bit of Mea Culpa here: In conversations Melody has described herself as both a Male Submissive and as a Sissy Maid. In her own words : “as my kink name implies I am, if not transgendered, at least fluid somewhere on that spectrum.” When I first suggested a guest piece, I was going to ask her to “write about how it feels to be a man in a dress.” But I pulled myself up short, realising that my totally inappropriate question came from someone bought up in a world where only binary gender was acknowledged. One of the big advances for me at the Femdom Ball was to be around, and have conversations with, trans and gender-fluid people, and finding myself comfortable among them. For younger folk, bought up in a different, more understanding, world, this might seem a strange admission, but people of my generation have decades of “programmed in” prejudice to overcome to get to that point.


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12 thoughts on “SISSY MAID MELODY – guest – sinful sunday

  1. Violet

    Wonderful to see the space being shared this way! Welcome! And that dress! Like wearing a cake in the best way!

  2. Malflic

    Great way to give another a voice amd platform. It is always nice when you fimd tjings you share with another.

  3. Marie Rebelle

    That is such a beautiful dress. Thank you so much for sharing your words and images with us, and please keep on sharing!

    Rebel xox

  4. eye

    I so enjoy these peeks into your world! Thanks to you for giving us that and to B1 for hosting them!

  5. Godemiche

    That sounds like an interesting blog to read. I’m glad you’ve found the courage to show at the Femdom Ball. And this dress is gorgeous!

  6. Julie

    A beautiful dress. Looking forward to reading the blog post and to seeing more of Sissy Maid Melody xx

  7. May More

    What a gown – always glad to have the opportunity to view more photos, so another welcome from me. I will pop over and have a read of your guest post too 😉

  8. Indigo Byrd

    Hello and welcome. Satin is clearly something you appreciate wearing – I saw and read your earlier guest post, and noticed the shorter dress pink and white dress then. I hope we see you more often.

  9. Molly

    That is one fabulous dress…. And welcome to Sinful Sunday, I hope you enjoy being part of this community.



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