THE SPANKER’S STORY – guest post

By | 6th March 2018

I first met this guy, we’ll call him ‘M,’ online through my twitter account and we became regular DM correspondents. He told me he related strongly to the depth of emotional engagement I describe in my sessions with professional Dommes and subs and he described his own, similarly intense, feelings about his sessions with professional spankees. You can find him on Twitter as @SoundSpanker. We have now met in real life a few times and have quite a bit in common.

‘M’ is a long term client of professional spankees, playing out elaborate scenes with people for whom being spanked is how they make their living. In sex-work terms a professional spankee might offer quite different services from a submissive escort and, in particular, may not offer any form of sex. ,the spanking really is the thing!
In this post M writes about what he looks for in a scene and describes the type of scenario he might play out.

For me, it’s about connection and mutual understanding. The anticipation and nervous fidgeting of a woman knowing she is to be about to relinquish control and put her trust in another person, someone who is going to, at the very least bare her bottom put her over his knee and smack her very soundly until she’s flushed, sore and right at the edge of needing it to stop. She knows though that, at the heart of it all, she needs to spend to suspend reality for a little while at least and let herself go.
belt bottom
It’s not difficult for someone to smack hard and cause pain  and I guess some people like it that way but I thrive on the psychodrama, the roles, the dress codes, the anticipation and the preparation. ” Come in please. You know why you’re here. Face the wall hands on your head until I’m ready for you”. Then the rules of the “game” are explained carefully along with a reminder of safe words with an emphasis on the word safe. Of course, nervousness, anxiety and apprehension are pre-requisites but never a feeling of being afraid. ” Are you ready?” and once the ” Yes Sir” reply has been clearly heard the discipline can begin.
Discipline…” the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.”……
So let’s take an example. A young woman has been brought up in a supportive household in the 1950s. She’s always made her family proud and has recently been awarded a place at a leading university. During her education she meets a wide and interesting circle of people some of whom she doesn’t really see eye to eye with but one girl in particular becomes her best friend. She’s been raised in a more bohemian household and suggests that the two of them move to London after university and look for employment as maidservants in an aristocratic household. After a few months of work our protagonist is promoted to being the dresser for the lady of the house with full access to her wardrobes and frequently accompanying her on shopping trips. She is seduced by the beauty of her mistresses clothes and her lingerie in particular. She has become so trusted that she is left in charge of the household for a weekend whilst the family are away. With great trepidation she enters the wardrobe room late one evening and tries on a  beautiful red dress and a lingerie set that she simply adored when it was purchased. She admires herself in the floor to ceiling  mirror and dreams about what she could become.
On Monday at midday she receives a card from the Butler instructing her to report to the Master of the house at 2pm sharp. The butler is a dedicated and discreet gentleman and as he hands over the card he gravely explains that the Master wishes to speak to her about the two way mirror in the wardrobe room.
At 2pm, she stands outside the study smoothes down her dress, takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. ” Come in please. I think you know why you’re here”…..

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