SPANKED – (sinful sunday)

By | 17th March 2018

Sometimes, all I want to do after a beating is lie in a darkened hotel room and just drift on the endorphin clouds, enjoying the soreness and the delicious feeling of having survived. But it can also be fun to be with people who know what I’ve been doing and to enjoy their sympathetic interest as I share my feelings about the ordeal.

My best experience of this was to find myself, less than an hour after an intense judicial corporal punishment caning from Elita’s man, in a room full of fellow sex bloggers. I was aching and sore but also floaty and calm and, importantly, managed to avoid sitting down through the evening! I found the fact that everyone knew what I had just done, knew that, although they couldn’t see it, my bottom was a mass of deep, angry bruises, appealed to the exhibitionist in me.

So, ahead of the social evening at the Eroticon sex bloggers conference, I decided to recreate that experience.

Not for me, but for Lilly.

We’ve been together for an hour or so in our Camden Airbnb rental and I’ve just finished spanking her; spanking her quite hard and for rather a long time, taking her out to the very edge of her tolerance for this type of treatment. I’ve brought her to an orgasm and now I’m going to position her on the bed and ask her to pull her panties down so we can all enjoy her well-smacked bottom.

Then I’m going to beat her with a belt.


Lilly is not a professional submissive, nor a spankee, and challenging sadomasochistic play is not her normal experience as an escort. But, for reasons I still don’t quite understand, and alone among her clients, she lets me push her hard as a submissive. For me, she is always incredibly brave and I know that, as always, she will want to take as much as she can.

Half an hour after her belting we’ll walk into the Eroticon social.

Be nice to her, won’t you.

See you all soon!


The idea for this post came from this Shutterstock image that I had used a few weeks ago



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17 thoughts on “SPANKED – (sinful sunday)

  1. Molly

    I am so sad I didn’t get to speak to you both on Saturday night. I really did want to meet Lily too. I shall hope that I gt a chance at another time and be happy that I get to see her beautiful spanked bum here instead


  2. Jo

    Oh my god that .gif. Ungh. Triple ungh. Her ass is absolutely perfect, and seeing her slowly pull her knickers down is… wow. She must trust you a lot; when I was doing professional sessions, I had different limits for different clients depending on how long I’d known them and how much I trusted them.

  3. Julie

    Gosh, what a wonderfully red bottom. I am sorry I didn’t see you both last night, but pleased to have said hello at lunch today.


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