LUCKY ME – a picture paints….

By | 11th January 2016

How a particularly erotic picture led to a really hot scene with two beautiful women.

bwHaving a few pounds to spare allows me to put myself into some thrilling, if debauched, situations. I spotted this black and white image on twitter and found it really striking: the domme with the whip, strong, in control, physically perfect; the submissive, straining slightly, giving pleasure while fearing pain.






colHaving been back to it a few times I decided to replicate it during a three-way dungeon session I had planned. One of the participants was a keen photographer and she set the picture up for me to take.

Jealous? You should be! The gorgeous creatures in this shot are Kinky Alex and Louisa Knight

Alex is the photographer. How Louisa ended up with a vibrator I have no idea as there is definitely not one in the original shot.

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