POST SESSION – letter to a Mistress

By | 26th January 2016

As a client I sometimes like to give feedback to a mistress on how I felt about a session. Some (usually the full-on dominas) seem to regard this as an imposition – others appreciate it and adapt the next session accordingly. Mistress Elita, to whom this feedback was addressed, is the latter kind. In fact she put it on her blog! This session was properly challenging and quite affected me, as you can perhaps tell.

Hi – I promised an email with some feedback on our session. Here it is:

Dear Mistress Elita

It was perfect

Thank you

You want more? Well OK. I wanted to write it down while it was still fresh, before the intensity fades, while I can still remember how it felt and how I felt about it.

Act One was perfect because:

  • The hotel room was great and I felt relaxed before we started. Having been thinking about our session all week I was completely up for it, ready.
  • You were a beautiful vision in black lace, gliding gracefully across the floor.
  • For 90 minutes you balanced pain and pleasure, demand and reward, peak and trough until I didn’t know where I was. I just knew I was yours
  • You held my eyes while you hurt me, challenging me to respond, to weaken. I felt the crackle of electricity between us when you did that.
  • Tied to the bed, you allowed me a shuddering, wonderful, whole body orgasm

The intermission and build up was perfect because:

  • Sushi and champagne with a beautiful woman in black lace; what’s NOT to like?
  • The fear in my stomach. I talked to you and ate but inside it was all about what was coming, helped (NOT) by you repeatedly telling me how drastic a post-orgasm caning was going to be!
  • The ritual as you positioned me on the bed, talking calmly about what you were going to do. It might surprise you but for me this was where I felt the domme/sub connection strongest. It was about fear and trust I think.

Act Two, the caning, was perfect because

  • You started with the belt – not too much challenge here apart from the last few. It let me ease into it
  • You chose 18 strokes, a good number. For 4/5 I felt I was in trouble under an assault of new levels of sensation. By 9 I had myself under control, waiting for each stroke, breathing with it. It was as hard a caning as I have had but by 12 I knew I was going make it to the end. I could relax into it, focusing only on the extreme sensations you were creating, slipping towards sub-space
  • You didn’t end it there! Considering we have only sessioned 2/3 times this was a terrific read of where I was (or was it genuinely all about what YOU wanted which is what you said at the time!). I wanted more; wanted to be really pushed; would probably have had a sense of anti-climax if you had stopped at that point.
  • The continuous stroke-after-stroke caning was really hard, intense, breathtaking, each stroke building on the last. Everything else: you, the room, the bed disappeared until there was only the swish/crack of the cane, my sharp intake of breath and the growing, relentless wave of pain. I have only been even close to this level maybe twice before
  • At exactly the right point you told me to ‘call it’ making it OK for me to let out the ‘mercy’ that had been in my head for maybe 10 strokes, knowing that you were going to be OK about it.
  • The fact that for a while you just let me lie still, touching me lightly so I knew you were there, while I gradually came back down. This was beautiful.
  • The hug (thank you for that) and the praise.

So what about post orgasm caning? I can quite see why this wouldn’t work for many but for me it was amazing. It stripped away everything else. It wasn’t pain as foreplay or as part of a power exchange, role-play or scene. It was pain for its own sake; demanding and challenging; pain as a serious and worthy adversary the mastery of which brought rewards that are still with me 24 hours later.

It was everything I had imagined it might be and more, lots more.

Till next time


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