GOING UNDERGROUND – kidnap fantasy

By | 6th June 2017

I led her down the long flight of cold stone steps, deep into the underground bunker. I had captured my play-thing and was leading her into my lair.

She knew she was in trouble.

stairs BW

In the ante room, a sinister space of bare stone floors and white-washed walls,  I told her to undress and fold her clothes neatly on the chair. She was to stand by the door when she had done so.

She knew she was in trouble because in this place no-one would hear her scream.

Returning, I cuffed her wrists and ankles, clipping the wrist cuffs together behind her so I could control her with one hand. I added a blindfold, denying the knowledge of where she was or what was to happen to her, and led her into the punishment room.

I became conscious of her rapid, shallow breathing. I could almost smell her fear, sense the adrenaline pumping in her veins. I let her wait, head down, still. I let her hear me collecting things from the racks of equipment: a hard leather paddle, a riding crop, nipple clips, rope.

She jumped as I slapped a whip into a leather bench.

She knew she was in trouble.

head down waiting

When I finally removed the blindfold this is what she was going to see. A place where bad things happen. Very bad things.

fuck sling

Poor Katie.

Poor Katie indeed. This wasn’t so much a fantasy as a realisation of one. I had set up a D/s session with American Submissive Katie. Katie likes to play hard games and this seemed the perfect place. The Bunker is an underground former air raid shelter that is now a BDSM play space. I think it’s mostly used by gay men but if you are looking for somewhere with a real sinister atmosphere for some kinky fun this could be for you. I may follow up with a post about the session itself. Katie was fantastic as always.

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