“FLOGGING. JUST SAYING” – soundtrack

By | 22nd June 2017

This post will not make much sense if you haven’t read my recent writing about what turned out to be the most physically and emotionally demanding BDSM session I have ever had.

One of the messages I had sent to Elita in the long build up to the session, messages intended to convey that I thought I might just be in the mood to be pushed, said only this: “Flogging. Just saying.” I sent it only an hour before we were due to meet and, looking at it now, it seems a smart-arse thing to have said.

However, Elita always seems happy to have session input and she certainly took this one on board, flogging my back and my backside hard and often through the session until I eventually broke down and cried with the intensity of it all. The cathartic release of that moment is what I tried to get across in the earlier post.

She sent me a video she took midway through the session. I can’t download it here but the soundtrack captures, I think, the atmosphere, the sound echoing off the stone walls of the underground dungeon.

Press the button below to hear the sound of the flogging.

 It was a hell of an experience

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