SPANKING – not me, I’m just watching (sinful sunday)

By | 5th August 2017

Lilly is spanking Katie.

She’s spanking Katie because I’ve told her to do so. So far I suspect that what Katie’s feeling is mostly sensual rather than painful. She seems to be enjoying it, squirming on Lilly’s lap, lifting her perfectly tight little bottom to meet Lilly’s hand.

In a minute Lilly’s going to get spanked too.

But first, I’m going to put a hard wooden paddle in her hands. I want to see how applying some real pressure makes her feel. I bet she hasn’t done that before.

lilly spanking k

I wonder if it will make her uncomfortable to hand out some real pain.

Or whether she’ll find it hot.

If I had to guess, knowing Lilly a bit now, I’d say the answer is going to be “both”.

Let’s see….


You can find out how Lilly felt about all this in the beautiful post she wrote for me here.


I couldn’t do anything with the “stairs” theme next week. Stairs themed sin behind the lips:

Sinful Sunday

17 thoughts on “SPANKING – not me, I’m just watching (sinful sunday)

  1. mariaSibylla

    Lovely photo, full of anticipation. It’s so tantalizing how we can see the bottom of Lilly’s breasts but not more. Beautiful moment captured.

  2. eye

    enjoy your calm dissection of the complicated emotions and motives present during the scenes you write about. Also, hot pictures!

  3. Rebecca

    Your picture is wonderfully hot, but it is your writing that gets inside my head. You write with clarity that like this picture i can see the scene. Very erotic


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