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By | 3rd August 2017

A while ago I arranged to meet Miss S, the lovely Lilly Watson*, at rental dungeon Better Than a Bed, sadly no longer available. We had had such fun there previously and I looked forward to continuing our exploration of bondage, submission and sadomasochism in the well equipped play space and of course especially looked forward to being intimate with Lilly on the large, comfortable bed.

And that is what would have happened, had the equally lovely kinkstress, Katie not drifted into my Twitter timeline, liking a tweet or two and planting in a fetid corner of my kinky imagination the notion that to play with both of these ladies together would be very fun indeed. I pictured novice submissive Lilly watching horrified as I flogged the masochistic Katie, knowing that she was to be next. I pictured being part of a threesome with two beautiful, bisexual ladies who would enjoy each other while I enjoyed them both.

I’m going to let Lilly describe the session in her own words:

A gorgeous girl I’ve never met called Katie and I kneel before you on leather bolsters awaiting instructions.

Katie enjoys a delicious warm-up spanking while I watch. She has the most beautiful bum!

lilly spanking k BW

Colour on #SinfulSunday

Then it’s my turn to spank Katie- all part of my kink education. I take my jewelled bracelet off so I don’t hurt her and stroke her perfect bottom for a while, before beginning to lightly tap it. I tap all round each cheek, then the delicate crease at the bottom of each cheek. You look impatient. I start spanking, loving Katie’s sensuous reactions, gradually building up speed and strength. My hand is getting sore. You produce a small leather strap that I almost snatch from you. I am coming to love leather straps. They smell good and they make such a great “whiplash” sound.

Suddenly, a heavy wooden paddle appears in my hand. I’m almost frightened to use it. It looks so unforgiving. I take a breath and start paddling. You quickly explain that the bigger and heavier the implement, the more recovery time should be left between each stroke. It’s so exciting that I keep forgetting. Sorry, Katie.

Time for bondage.

One of my new favourite things about bondage is that it gives you a physical “excuse” to stay exactly where you want to be.

One of my new favourite bondage things to do is to be tied face-to-face with beautiful Katie!

We were each gifted an exciting leather harness outfit that contrasted beautifully with our skin tones, literally joined at the hip, both hips, hip-to-hip, with carabiners linking our harnesses, and our leather wrist cuffs trussed together over our heads.

bondage both open bw

Could this be any more kinkily delicious?

We took turns being flogged, each looking into the other’s eyes, and kissing deeply in between turns as we got hotter and hotter, eventually peaking together at your hands.

When we were finally set free, it was to join you for champagne and gourmet chocolates in the bedroom while the three of us grinned uncontrollably at what we’d just done, laughing, clinking glasses. Katie and I complimented each other’s pink, well-spanked bottoms in the ornate gold-framed mirror, giggling excitedly. What a fabulous way to meet new people.

The story of what happened when we finally all made it onto the bed, both girls still wearing the leather harnesses, is definitely one for another day. Or perhaps not – these things are rather personal. But it involved the most glorious three way sex. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look in Lilly’s eyes as sat on the bed moaning from the effects of Katie’s busy mouth between her legs while I fucked Katie from behind, using the leather straps of her harness to pull her back on to me. Of course, it would be very poor form to show favouritism in this situation so, once Katie had screamed out her orgasm, it seemed only fair to have them change position. Neither complained.


post spanking bottom both 2

Lovely spanked bottoms


*When I first played  BDSM games with Lilly, she wanted to be anonymous in the posts, not wanting to draw attention to the fact that she was doing these things with me. She told me after this session that it now felt “more of a natural part of me” and she was happy to put Miss S to rest. The feeling that I may have awoken something in Lilly and helped it flourish is a rather special one!

These beautiful and very kinky leather harnesses came from Joanna Lark, a great source for BDSM toys and clothing. They are really well made.

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  1. Ile Nue

    Oh my God – hottest post ever!! How I wish I could die and be reborn as one of these lucky girls. 😛


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