“Mr. B” – I’ve been shopping (sinful sunday)

By | 19th August 2017

Lately I’ve purchased a few items of fetishy underwear. I’ve been nervous that posting them on here might make me look ridiculous, such is the stigma around men wearing sex orientated clothing. It appears to be almost exclusively the preserve of the gay kink community.

This latest item, my favourite, came from the fantastic, gay orientated fetish store “Fifty and Dean” in Soho. Take a trip; it’s great for BDSM gear too.

I like wearing this.

I like the feeling that, as with her in her lingerie, I’ve dressed for the occasion, even if the occasion involves getting my backside beaten

I like the sensations it triggers in my erogenous zones.

I like the way the rub of leather on my cock contrasts with the way it leaves my arse feeling exposed.

leather mrB BW

I especially like that it’s called “Mr B!”. Twitter folk call me that sometimes.

I wrote more about BDSM clothing here.

male lingerie combined

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18 thoughts on ““Mr. B” – I’ve been shopping (sinful sunday)

  1. Bee

    This is a conversation we had a while back. Whilst there’s sexy underwear for women it’s much harder for men, it all seems to be marketed for the gay community rather than men in general.

  2. Nero

    Nothing wrong with ‘dressing for the occasion’ – I suspect my wife might enjoy me in these too!

  3. Violet

    I’ve never stopped to think of the social stigma of men in sexy things and I’m so glad you’re bucking that norm and we get to see this because they are super sexy! You do you, you’re rocking it!

  4. HappyComeLucky

    I love these. I think anything that makes you feel an extra charge of excitement or vulnerability is definitely worth it. Plus an exposed arse and a zipped pouch is double temptation.

  5. Victoria Blisse

    Gorgeous! At a kinky club night last night we were lamenting how difficult it is for guys to dress kinky/sexy especially to a theme but we ladies are thoroughly spoilt.

  6. Jack (and Jill)

    I don’t really own any clothing that’s sexy in and of itself; I like to think what I wear is sexy because I’m in it. That said, I love the fact that while there may in fact be social stigma surrounding straight men wearing such garments, you seem to pay it no regard. Way to go!

  7. KP

    Ha, I thought you had had it monographed. Nice coincidence.

    Until I read your longer piece I had never thought about the challenge of finding underwear for BDSM sessions. But this looks the part!

  8. eye

    Complete with handy zip!

    I do love the fact that you are having fun with clothing and exploring how it feels. There is something so open in that that is a rarity in older men unfortunately. Go you Mr B!


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