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By | 16th August 2017

This post has been around in my head since the surprisingly (to me at any rate) positive response to my D Is For Dressed post, which asked the question “What to wear to a beating?” and showed a picture of myself wearing a tight fitting, arse exposing item of what I thought of as male lingerie. I’d bought it in Las Vegas and it’s shown below. I was further emboldened by a recent tweet from blogger EA Unadorned which showed him in a pair of zip fronted briefs. Being both younger and fitter, he carried them off better than I would have done!

bottom col

I guess my reluctance was a fear of appearing ridiculous; an older guy focussing on sex orientated clothing. After all, for most men the limit to which they would choose underwear for a hot date might be to pull on Calvin Kleins rather then M and S. But I liked wearing the item I bought in Las Vegas. It put the focus onto the physical, the corporeal, creating sensations in erogenous zones and making me feel good. I wanted more of those things. What I didn’t like was the way it encased my cock and balls in see-though nylon mesh. This didn’t feel great, and I wanted my cock to be hidden if it’s not erect (quite common for me, especially if I’m being caned) and yet easy to get at when I find myself ready for action. Neither were achieved by this item.

Googling “Male Lingerie” seemed like an obvious place to start, but produces images that are largely either men wearing oversized women’s lingerie or items that seem intended for fancy dress stag parties of a type I don’t want to be associated with.

male lingerie google

The former is fine for those for whom cross dressing is part of their kinky make up but it’s not part of mine (well maybe only a little bit – women’s swim suits and bikinis; I always wanted to get dressed up in a tight fitting swim…. aah… bollocks….where were we?). Ahem. The latter could only induce ridicule if worn by someone my age.

I want something that will stimulate me erotically when I get dressed in it before an encounter; a combination of focussing my attention on the right areas of my body and letting me look at myself in the mirror and see the clothing rather than the somewhat overweight, older guy wearing it. I want it to encase my cock and balls in a material that I can stroke my hand over and feel both the soft, sensual smoothness of the material and my hardening cock underneath. I want to be able to slide my hand round so it rubs over my bare arse, feeling the change in sensation as it transitions from the material to the skin. Perhaps my arse is in for a beating, in which case I’ll rub my hand gently over it, feeling how soft and delicate the skin seems before the assault of whips, paddles and canes which is to come. It’s deeply sensual to do this; I know that in an hour it will be hot and sore and the flesh under the skin will be hardening into bruises but, for now, I’m happy just to touch my body; to be in touch with my body.

All these things define a very particular item of clothing. I didn’t find it on the internet but I did find it at Fifty and Dean, a fetish clothing shop in Soho, whose primary clientele seem to be gay men.

It’s leather, has a zip at the front and it turns me on. I’m wearing it now, enjoying the touch of the leather on my cock, enjoying the nakedness of my backside. Hmmm.

Why do gay guys get all the best underwear?

That’s what I want to know.

male lingerie combined



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12 thoughts on “MALE LINGERIE – what to wear

  1. eye

    I agree with Meto’s comments. Gay guys, are early adopters, trend setters and worth flowing from my point of view

  2. eye

    I love the fact that you are exploring like this. I also have a fear about appearing ridiculous and then I think, if not now, when and wear it anyway!

  3. Marie Rebelle

    Oh fabulous that you have found something. My husband has no interest in sexy underwear for men, which means I have not realized that it’s so difficult to find something. There should be more to choose from, for men that is. I mean, women have so much, so why shouldn’t men have it too?

    Love the photo’s!

    Rebel xox

  4. Nero

    Because the gays are early adopters and ahead of the trends. I’ve known that a long time (I used to DJ in a gay club) and it’s served me well. Whatever the gays are wearing/doing now the straights guys will be doing 5 years later. So relax about the thong, you’re ahead of the trend! Besides, it looks good on you, it’s masculine, and that’s what I’d want too*. I particularly hate those ‘novelty items’ women seem to buy for their men when they want to spice things up in the bedroom – those awful ‘elephant’ jocks with the long trunk and the big ears.
    (And as you say, if a guy wants to wear something frilly/feminine then that’s fine too – follow your kink)

  5. Ferns

    “Why do gay guys get all the best underwear?”

    Because society [still] insists that women aren’t visual and [still] insists that men making themselves sexy for women is of interest to nobody.

    In that vein, whenever I suggest that submissive men should be the sexiest men on earth because their stated desire is to please women, I get an outcry about how very unreasonable that is *eyeroll*.

    And yeah, you are spot on: It’s not just for looks, when you find something you like and that feels good, it makes you feel sexy. Go you :).


  6. Cammies on the Floor

    I love the underwear, and you look fantastic in it. I imagine the leather and the bare ass feel pretty unique if unaccustomed, how great for you being brave to wear it and share, so thank you!


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