REALLY? THAT WHIP, SIR? (sinful sunday)

By | 12th August 2017

After a couple of posts of maudlin introspection about my current situation, Sinful Sunday is definitely a time for happier thoughts.

This delicious shot comes from my fun session with Katie and Lilly. I’d just picked up two floggers, a softer one for the less experienced Lilly, something more aaahh… ‘demanding’ for Katie. I guess that, when I took this image, Katie had just seen the one intended for her . That would certainly explain the look on her face.

bondage both tied

To work them over with the floggers while forcing them to look into each other’s eyes, sharing their reactions to each impact, was sensationally erotic. They both kept wanting to turn round and look at me before I hit them, Katie in challenge, Lilly in fear. Eventually they got the idea, kissing each other between blows as their bodies rubbed together.

As Lilly described in her wonderful post about the session, at the end, keeping them tied as you see them in the picture, I pushed them both to orgasm simultaneously, leaving them hanging off the straps in ecstatic release. That was pretty hot too.

Today’s handy Dom tip for all you Domly Doms: Next time you have two subs wearing harnesses and you want to tie them together real nice and close, don’t mess around with complicated rope work; simply slip in a couple of karabiners, joining the harnesses on each side of the body.

The picture shows you how:

carabina 2

Arr, go on then: Just because I will never tire of this shot, here’s a couple of well smacked (and flogged) bottoms.

post spanking bottom both 2


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26 thoughts on “REALLY? THAT WHIP, SIR? (sinful sunday)

  1. Jaime

    Very beautiful, and very sexy.

    The photo of their bodies together in the harness is the sexiest!. Mind you, the aftermath pic of their bottoms: that’s the sexiest too!

  2. Simina

    I kinda want one of those harnesses, but I don’t think I’d look quite as nice in one as they do. lol

  3. Modesty Ablaze

    You are a lucky dom aren’t you !!!
    Loved the over the shoulder look . . . but actually it is the bottom photo that really appeals !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Jade

    Heh…I recognize that look – I’m sure I’ve given it many times!

    Gorgeous picture(s). Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

  5. Michael Samadhi

    I love harnesses like the girls are wearing. I’m more of a device bondage guy than a rope guy, so I can relate to your method for attaching them together.

    It’s the smile though, that lovely smile of anticipation that makes the picture.

  6. Jo

    That look in Katie’s eyes is SO hot – playful, challenging, and wanting all at the same time. This is a ridiculously sexy photo – straight out of my fantasies!


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