HOTEL – wasted luxury (sinful sunday)

By | 15th October 2017

I’m at a Hotel in Asia. Not been here long after a 14 hour flight. The room has that faceless luxury that only international hotels manage. It’s modern and plush and everything works, but it could be anywhere.

I wish I had someone here with me in the room. Someone soft and sexy and submissive. Someone who wanted to be spanked, played with and then fucked on the big bed.

It wouldn’t just be my hand she’d feel either. Certainly that would be first, softly to start with, then harder till she was gasping and wriggling. I think the wooden shoe horn would be next, it’s light and stingy. I might, if I was so inclined, land a few at top of her thighs.


A pause would be called for, a gentle, intimate stroke of her warm bottom. I might rub my finger over her wet clitoris, just to make a connection; mix a little pleasure with her pain.

Then it would be time for the main event. Every hotel room should come with a clothes brush, especially one like this; its about 14 inches long and has a bit of weight to it. I haven’t tried it on myself (yet) but I know already how it will feel; sharp, challenging pain with each smack of it onto her already sensitive skin. I might have to hold her down towards the end.

But then I’ll be all praise and appreciation and hugs and kisses. We’ll lie on the huge bed together and make love slowly and languidly; no longer a dominant/submissive thing; just two people enjoying each other, enjoying the release of the tension that the giving and receiving of pain creates.


Perhaps we’ll shower together – taking our time. I might wrap  her in the oversize, incredibly soft dressing gown. I’ll raid the room’s fridge for a couple of glasses of champagne.


Maybe later, if she’s adventurous and brave, I’ll tie her to the bed with the chord from the dressing gown and, leaning over her and  looking into her eyes, apply the steel clips from the coat hanger to her nipples. I’d watch her fight the pain, squirming against the restraints, begging me with her eyes to remove them. I’ll be there when she gives into it as I slip my fingers inside her, stroking until she comes.

Sadly none of these things are going to happen. But I’ll enjoy thinking about them.

I’ll enjoy that a lot.


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13 thoughts on “HOTEL – wasted luxury (sinful sunday)

  1. Bee

    My nipples have been on the receiving end of those damn hangers! But I agree, a night alone in a hotel is a waste of a hotel room.

  2. Tabitha

    I absolutely love hotel sex… something so thrilling about the anonymity of it. Could be any room, any city, anybody…
    Hope you get some company, looks like there’s many offers! 😉


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