DOXY VIRGINS – orgasm and denial

By | 12th October 2017

I once rented a chainsaw and had to wade through 20 pages of safety information before I learnt how to turn it on. I was STRONGLY advised to seek a course of instruction before first use and rightly so; in the wrong hands a chainsaw could cause untold havoc.

Why then, when I rented a dungeon for a session with the lovely Lilly, would the owner have left a Doxy mains powered vibrator unattended on the bedside table.

No safety information.




I had NEVER used a Doxy before. Lilly had never even SEEN a Doxy before. Yet there it was. Looking kind of inviting. Looking pretty harmless. Sat on the bedside table.

We were both really shaken by the experience but I’m sure it could all have ended much worse.

Lilly had been fantastic in our blindfold kidnap scene; terrified at times and crying into my shoulder at the end, but brave and adventurous and trusting. I wanted to give her a different experience. I wanted to give her different sensations. Lots of them.

I’d spotted the red leather medical examination bench and its sinister looking stirrups as I checked in. I sat the naked Lilly on the bench, spreading her legs wide to fit them in the stirrups, making her feel exposed and vulnerable, and buckled a broad leather strap tight over her waist. The final act of bondage felt really edgy; a serious, no-shit, badass, adults-only piece of BDSM: the second strap went over her forehead, holding her head tight to the bench. She wouldn’t be able to lift her head up to see what I was doing or shake it from side to side if it all became too much. She was completely immobilised. It felt sadistic and, frankly, a bit evil to tie her down in this way.

Her eyes looked up at me, seeking some comfort to smooth over her fear.

Naah. I was in role now. This shit was real.

medical bench crop

I may have the exact sequence of what happened next wrong, but here’s how I remember it.

Her first orgasm comes from my busy mouth. Slooowwww licking; one side, the other, deep into the middle of her wet cunt, tasting her. My lips play with her clitoris, sucking it in a little, licking it, like taking the last bits of flesh from a cherry stone before letting it pop back out between my teeth. I have almost no experience with this but I can tell what’s working and, right now, that’s all of it. The first orgasm is unhurried, creeping up on her so we can both roll with it, taking our time, savouring it.

The second orgasm comes from the Doxy. I remember a tweet from an escort: “Lovers, with a Doxy, don’t mess around with it; your job is to find the right place and hold it there.” It’s good advice. This orgasm comes faster; I’m not ready for it and neither is Lilly: “Please may I commmmm…..boom…she’s done.” I look at the Doxy with new respect; like a Hogwarts first-year finding himself with Professor Dumbledore’s wand, shooting out-of-control spells in all directions.

Orgasm denial. To bring someone close to the edge again and again yet refuse to let them jump off. Because I really am an evil bastard, this is what springs into my perverted mind. She’s still completely immobile, can’t move her head, can’t move her body, can’t see me. It’s set up perfectly.

The doxy goes to work: ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

It’s only seconds before Lilly’s on the edge. I lift the Doxy away and turn it off.

“Count from 10 to 1 in French!”


“Count from 10 to 1 in French!”

The sweetest little frown of concentration: “Dix, Neuf, Huit…errrr.. Sept…”

She makes it to Trois, Deux, Un. (I demand 10 to 1 rather than 1 to 10 because she has some French and I want her to have to concentrate – details shmetails – but I’m the fucking Dom here and I’m in charge).

A pause – maybe 10 seconds, no more – then the Doxy is back; “aaaahhhhh  oooohhhhhh nnnnnn – pleasssss mayyy IIII…..” a film of perspiration appears on her body, the sensations causing her muscles to spasm.

It’s turned off again: “Count from 1 to 10 in German, After me: Eins, Zwei, Drei….” I don’t have a lot of German but my accent’s perfect! (I’ve been told it’s from Hanover in the North).  Again, having to concentrate brings her back from the brink. I pause, but barely, then:

ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz “pleaaasseeeee Sirrrrrr…..”

“1 to 10 Norwegian” (Yes; I do speak a little) “En, To, Tre, Fire, Fem” she’s lost deep inside herself but has to find her way back to me to repeat the numbers, barely whispering them through half closed lips.

A longer pause this time, then I turn it up a level:

ZZzzZZzzZZzzZZzzZZzzZZ – “Aaahhh….OOhhhh Myyyyy Godddd!” Now she’s pulling against the straps, her feet shaking in the stirrups; real physical exertion caused by the rumbling, rolling, waves of sensation.

“1 to 10 in Italian:”Uno, Due, Tre, Quattro – Come on, Lilly; after me: Uno, Due, Tre….” It’s brutal. It really is. Her whole body is a desperate, crying ball of needing-to-orgasm; she simply has to throw herself off that cliff and I’m the barrier that stops her doing so.

Dumbledore’s wand has one more level:


The orgasm starts at her clitoris, where the Doxy makes contact, and rises like an incoming tide, each wave taking it further up her body. She’s completely lost, incoherently shouting “OhMyGod, OhMyGod, OhMyGod, OhMyGod!” It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever seen.

Eventually, turning it off is the only humane thing to do.

I could have stopped then; she was obviously drained, but it had been so hot that I found myself hard and needy, wanting my share of all this excess.

She had another, smaller, somehow more rational, more human, orgasm with me inside her. It was a beautiful thing to be part of, to have caused; just beautiful.

I didn’t orgasm with her which is normal for me, yet always somehow disappointing, but I was still hard which is less normal for me and was somehow thrilling, so I stayed exactly where I was, deep inside her, and grabbed the Doxy for one last ride on the carousel.

I touched the wand to her clitoris nervously, the way you light a firework: “light blue touch paper and retire.” Sure enough, Lilly went off like the big finale to the New Year’s Eve fireworks display at The London Eye; the one that never seems to stop; impossibly huge bursts of colour and sound, one after the other, each higher and brighter and louder than the one before. Again, she was incoherently yelling, “OhMyGod, OhMyGod, OhMyGod!” completely lost in the sensations rushing through her body. I was still inside her and felt all of it through the hardness of my cock.

God, it was so hot; to see her give herself over so completely to what I was doing was absolutely intoxicating; a quite wonderful place I’ve never been before.

Afterwards, Lilly was just lovely.

She became all soft and touchy, reversing herself gently into me on the bed, seeking my hand and wrapping it in hers, occasionally leaning back to kiss me. We passed the last half hour of our session like that: on the bed, touching, kissing, just thrilled by the experience and basking in its afterglow.

An hour after we left the rental dungeon, she texted me from the midpoint on her journey home. She said she’d stopped for fuel, but we both know she was sat in the car park of the service station googling “Doxy” on her iPhone.


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  1. Pete

    WOW! That is one amazingly intense depiction & description of an encounter. That sort of experience, where the emotions & feelings crescendo, is certainly what I always hope and try for.
    Are you a professional writer? If not you ought to be!

    The dungeon looks very atmospheric – can you tell me which one it is please?


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