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“Get back here, you!” called the gaoler, as she neared the relative safety of the hallway, her bottom sore from the impact of his hand through the thin cotton of her bloomers. Her friend was already there, shaking in fear against the cold stone wall. “You didn’t think that was your punishment did you? HaHaHa! That was just me being all nice and caring and warming your arse up before I spanked you properly! Get over the table now!”

Reluctantly,  she returned to the punishment room. As soon as she was gripping the sides of the table, he ripped her bloomers down to her knees in a single violent motion, leaving her buttocks exposed to the cold air and to his hungry gaze. “You’re getting twenty!” he called out; “Here’s number one,” smacking his huge hand down onto her small bottom with the full force of his arm.

Sometimes working out how to write about a session is all about finding a way into the emotion of it, getting to grips with the intensity of the interchange between dominant and submissive. I could do that here but, frankly, my Victorian dungeon punishment scene was just too much fun, too rediculously hot, to feel the need to subject it to that much analysis.

I was playing with Lilly Watson and Katie D, the second time I’ve brought these two lovely ladies together. As the session got underway, their responses were very different; Katie was all smouldering, direct looks and little moans; turned on by the hotness of the scene, seemingly excited by the prospect of being punished in the sinister environment of The Bunker, a London rental dungeon. Lilly, at the start at least, was just frightened.

I had them both stood against a stone wall in a long cold corridor. I came up behind them and smacked Katie hard on the bottom. Lilly’s eyes opened wide in fear, taking a sharp little breath every time I hit Katie. I’ll admit that her fear was exciting to me but was also a reminder, if I needed it, of the huge duty of care that came with this type of play.

“Both of you! Back in here now!” called the gaoler. His black leather mask hid his expression, denying them any small reassurance. “The judge ordered you both to be flogged. I’m going to punish you tied to the ceiling croppedtogether.” He clipped their wrists to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Lilly looked in horror at the heavy flogger with it’s twenty or so tails hanging from a long wooden handle. He flogged Katie, the more experienced of the two girls, first, letting the heavy leather tails wrap round her backside, biting into it. Each blow made her cry out, horrifying Lilly even more. He gave a cruel laugh. “Don’t you worry, darling. It’ll be your turn soon enough!”

Lilly’s first blow made her jump, made her swing her head round, a beseeching, pleading look on her face but all she found was the gaoler’s cold eyes looking back at her, unmoved, through the slits in his mask. He hit her ten times then pushed their faces, close together forcing them to kiss and comfort each other. He roughly teased their nipples out of the corsets and, two at a time, squeezed them hard. Their reactions differed; Katie moaned and squirmed, looking like she wanted to come; Lilly, eyes wide, just squealed at the shock of it.

He flogged them both again, harder this time, then, laying down the flogger, pushed a hand up between each pair of legs till he found a wet clitoris and squeezed and stroked and rubbed until they came together, moaning out the intensity of their orgasms into each other’s faces. He pushed his wet fingers into their mouths, forcing the girls to savour the taste of each other’s juices, laughing as they both sucked hungrily. The gaoler was having fun now, more so with the realisation that, of the punishments ordered by the judge, the strap and the cane were still to come.

And I did strap and cane both of them. I bent Katie over the leather covered table once more, positioning her so she could bring Lilly off with her mouth while she was beaten. I didn’t award a set number of strokes, just told Katie I would cane her until she made Lilly orgasm. It took twelve hard, stinging strokes of the cane for that to happen.

By the time we got to Lilly’s caning I had let most of the role play drain out of the scene and removed my leather hood. Lilly hadn’t been caned before and I knew she was terrified of it. I wanted her to understand completely that it was me who held the cane and not some fantasy ogre from the depths of my fetid imagination. This may sound cruel and uncaring, but I actually didn’t need Lilly to enjoy the caning; didn’t really expect her to. What I did need was that, looking back on it afterwards, she should enjoy the feeling of having been caned. And for that I judged the scene needed to be as erotic as possible and the caning needed to have exactly the right amount of challenge without her ever feeling she had to use the safe word.

To see Lilly lift her wet mouth away from Katie and look round at me in fear before each stroke; to watch her yell and stamp her feet as it landed but then to dive back in between Katie’s legs as soon as she had recovered, licking and sucking as Katie came closer and closer to the orgasm that would stop the punishment; these things were unfeasibly hot. All the while Katie locked her gaze with mine across Lilly’s back, connecting the three of us in an exotic dance of pain and pleasure, feeding off each others reactions.

I had them punish me and Lilly seemed to take great delight in landing the end of a heavy tawse exactly on the 5 day old abrasions left by Elita’s cane. I guess she was getting her own back. Katie was alternating between kissing me and biting my nipples while she did so and I was good with all of it.

Afterwards, we all laughed and hugged and kissed, high as kites on the intimacy, on the edgy, scary scene and on the shared sensations. I’ve never thought of myself as being into this type of heavy role play as I’m generally pretty self conscious and am no kind of actor, but this was awesome and I’m definitely up for further exploration!

After all, I have a head-full of decades of unrealised kinky fantasies to work through.


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  1. Marie Rebelle

    I really love your session write-ups. And even though you are not an actor, I love that you do role play. But I think what I love the most is the careful thought you put into your sessions, the preparation. Love it!

    Rebel xox

  2. Cousin Pons

    What a wonderful time you had with those two remarkable ladies. You describe the session so well and that it has left me feeling deeply and utterly envious. How I would love to enact a scenario with Lily Watson and Katie D.


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