WOLF IN WOLF’S CLOTHING (sinful sunday)

By | 9th December 2017

Just another moody monochrome of a Dom in a suit about to punish the young, lingerie wearing submissive kneeling at his feet. It’s a standard BDSM trope,  found all over Twitter and Instagram. However, it always seems to me that the BDSM in these scenes is more likely to be mild spanking as a form of foreplay than a harsh punishment. The participants are surely too young and beautiful, too hot, to keep their hands off each other for longer than that.

What about my image then? He’s a big guy, solid, strong. He’s wearing a smart suit but his tie is off to one side. It’s not posed, this image. Perhaps he’s not used to wearing a suit. Perhaps underneath it, he’s not as suave as he seems.

suit belt me BW2

And what about his hands? Big hands, working hands. Veins standing out. He might be a bit rough under that suit, a bit unpolished. And the belt certainly didn’t come from the loops of his tailored black trousers. It’s too wide, too thick for that. It’s not a fashion item for a city type; it’s a real belt, a working man’s belt: weighty yet supple from age and repeated use.

Perhaps a spanking, or a belting, from this man isn’t going to be foreplay. Perhaps it’s going to be serious. Violent. Hard to deal with. Perhaps there’s going to be pain, and sobbing and begging.

Perhaps this isn’t going to be foreplay at all.


For the avoidance of doubt it is me in the image. It was taken by the beautiful Lilly at the start of the wonderfully hot and immersive D/s session I describe here.

suit belt me

the original image

Here’s the inspiration for my scene. You could find hundreds of similar images in minutes.

suit belt


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14 thoughts on “WOLF IN WOLF’S CLOTHING (sinful sunday)

  1. Brigit Delaney

    Makes my thighs quiver a bit and my breath catch. Love a man who looks like he’s about to tell me what a bad little girl I’ve been. Somehow the black and white makes it all the more powerful.

  2. Molly

    Your image is definitely better than the one which inspired you. He is way to posed in a weirdly casual way whereas your image feels much more authentic and in the moment. I also love how you have pointed out the way in which the details, if you really look for them, tell a different story to the one your initial view of the image presents



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