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Sometimes a session makes me realise that I am still playing in the foothills of the high mountains of sensation to which the exploration of my masochistic tendencies could lead me. And so it was with my recent short meeting with Mistress Elita.

The difficulty I experienced in this session was entirely self inflicted. You see, I’d bought her a whip to hurt me with. Buying, finding, or even making BDSM implements is on the edge of being a fully developed fetish with me, one that has its origins in my teens with my nervous purchase of a riding crop.

This time I’d chosen the Hydra whip from Joanna lark. I liked the twin tails, its evil look and the apparent link to some ancient Egyptian punishment implement. I liked all those things until I had pressed “confirm order” and then immediately started to wonder if I had gone too far. The whip preyed on my mind during the days until our session. I found myself going back to the website image of it, wondering what it would be like to have those twin tails bite into me. The nervous anticipation was delicious, tinged as it was with just the right amount of fear.

I wasn’t disappointed.

This whip is an absolute, total bastard of a thing and I had no way of dealing with it.


I knew from the first swipe of its tails across my arse as I leant against the pillar in Elita’s play space that I was in trouble. It was harder to deal with than a blow with her cane; white heat rather than red, shocking in its immediate intensity. Lines of fire. The second blow came before I’d processed the first and was followed by a third and many more. How could the pain be so intense, so different, so impossible?

Elita, of course, was having fun; enjoying, its weight, the control afforded by the long stiff handle and, no doubt, enjoying my anguished reactions. She experimented: forehand, backhand; letting the twin knots wrap or drawing them across my backside at the end of each blow. None of her variations made it any easier.

Later we went to dinner at a place with live music – opera arias sung by professional singers working there between appointments. It was wonderful. Elita was fantastic company as she always is, both impossibly glamorous and yet chatty and down to earth. We looked back on the amazingly kinky things we have done together over the last year and she threatened me with one or two new ones for the next.

But I couldn’t get the bloody whip out of my mind.

Still can’t.

I fear it and know that, next time I’m standing outside her door waiting to be let in, that’s what I’ll be worried about.

Bloody thing.


I can highly recommend Joanna Lark for kink purchases of all kinds. Everything I’ve had from there has been very high quality and exactly as advertised. This is where I bought the fantastic leather bondage harnesses for this session.

One thought on “ELITA’S NEW WHIP

  1. sissy_maid_melody

    Now that does make me smile. Earlier this year I bought Mistress a single tail made from rattle snake skin. You can’t purchase such things for a domme and get away with the line “don’t you ever use that on me”.

    I know that whip is a bugger. She knows it’s a bugger since she told me that she’s been practising for ages before letting loose on a sub. All the hints are there that the first sub to taste it will be me and it will be sometime not too far away. Yup, it plays on the mind each time you’re about to go through the door.

    But it doesn’t stop you entering, does it ?


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