POSTURE – beauty is in the eye

By | 30th December 2017

Is it hopelessly old-fashioned of me to say that how a woman carries herself is part of what will make her attractive to me? Am I marked out for ever as a dinosaur for finding good posture erotic?

If so, I must plead guilty and accept your disapproval.

But is there not something beautiful in this pose?; in the straightness of the back and the perfectly balanced position of her shoulders; in the way she seems centred, in control of her body and calm.

secret D lilly swimsuit kneeling

There’s plenty more to like here: The beautiful curves, the contrast of pale skin with black swimsuit, and of course the apparent submission in her position, hands calmly resting on her thighs; resting exactly where I had placed them. mmmmm.

The image is, of course, the beautiful Lilly Watson and comes from our extended pre Christmas session at The Secret Dungeon, which I wrote about here. It was a fantastic experience.

 The session marked the culmination of 9 months of exploration for us during which Lilly has  bravely opened herself to bondage and submission and explored the boundaries between pain and pleasure. It’s been really rather wonderful.

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21 thoughts on “POSTURE – beauty is in the eye

  1. Modesty Ablaze

    Oh I demand “good posture” !!!
    Lovely to have read of your “really rather wonderful” throughout 2017.
    Looking forward to more during 2018.
    Best wishes !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Jo

    I don’t think it’s old-fashioned in *any* way to find good posture sexy! Graceful poise and movement are highly attractive.

  3. Rebecca

    In agreement and a lovely pose and image. She is wonderful. Posture lifts people in so many ways both physically and mentally. I remember deportment lessons at Boarding school. I can remember how to walk through a swing door, interrupt at dinner parties and to enter and exit a sports car along with walking with a book balanced (seriously it happened). I wish you clarity, support, health, wealth and a Phoenix Rising in 2018.

  4. Violet

    Well, call me a tyrannosaurus sex, because posture and carriage are so sexy when they are proper and confident and calm. Lovely picture.

  5. Indigo Byrd

    She has such a poised and self sufficient demeanor, as well as beauty, and from your writings a willingness to explore. No wonder you are so fascinated by her.

  6. Lea

    I remember so clearly hearing from a male friend a few years ago how posture was beautiful. It has stuck with me ever since. It’s a beautiful photo.

  7. Cousin Pons

    I agree with you about good posture. Lilly does hold herself superbly. No wonder you find her so incredibly attractive. I admit she does pique my interest as well.


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