BLOOD ON THE CANE – revisited (sinful sunday)

By | 13th January 2018

Early in the life of my blog I posted about how it felt to be shown my blood on the Mistresses cane for the first time; the conflicted emotions of pride and concern triggered by the sight of it.

I was forced to revisit those conflicted emotions recently when Mistress Elita again showed me my blood on her cane

cane blood bottom legs2

You can read here about how the blood got there, and how it felt for that to happen.

The original blood on the cane post is here.


More Sunday sin here:

Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “BLOOD ON THE CANE – revisited (sinful sunday)

  1. Kayla Lords

    This is absolutely intense. I know I couldn’t handle such a thing for myself but I always find it fascinating when someone else can.

    1. Tabitha

      I feel the same. I did hesitate to click this (in anyone else’s hands, I may not have) but your journey is so compelling and your descriptions help my.understanding so much x

  2. Bee

    I love it when my partner makes me bleed. I feel like I’m giving all of me to him…sexy as hell!

  3. Tits and Test Tubes

    Oooh. This definitely makes me feel some things. It’s a strong, sexy, intense image. Also really enjoyed your other posts about your conflicting feelings on being beaten until you bleed. x

  4. KP

    This is really strong and, I must admit, quite hard to look at – because in it I see my desire to do but also the slight recoil at the blood. That fear of not wanting it yet wanting it badly at the same time.

  5. Molly

    Unnnffff, that is as sexy as hell to me. I love it when he makes me bleed, as you say there is huge pride in having given that much of myself to him



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