HOLIDAY TREAT – showing Lilly to The Mistress

By | 19th January 2018

Well, the treat is really mine as I’m on holiday with some friends for a few days. I don’t have time to write a long post. However, as a treat for you, here is a picture of  the beautiful and lovely Lilly Watson.

A week or two ago, in a repeat of Lilly’s very first session, we met with Elita at her beautiful house. In that first session, Lilly had played the role of “Mistress in Training” learning how to use various implements, with me as a willing target. Since then I have introduced Lilly to submission and spanking and played with her at the boundaries of pain and pleasure.

The scene for this session was me offering Lilly, as my newly trained slave, to Elita, my beautiful Mistress, the two of us then using her as our plaything. Don’t feel too sorry for Lilly though; orgasms were involved, lots of orgasms.

So here is Lilly, responding to having her nipples squeezed, arching into the pain slightly, her reaction to it showing in the shaping of her hands. This kind of treatment was new to her when we first met but now her responses to it are a perfect balance of pleasure and pain.


Now her responses to it are beautiful and sensual and exciting.

I will admit to a small measure of pride in being able to show Elita the progress that Lilly and I have made on our journey into BDSM, demonstrating Lilly’s willingness both to hurt and to be hurt in pursuit of greater extremes of sensual pleasure.

It was also hot; very, very hot.


The image was taken by Mistress Elita

3 thoughts on “HOLIDAY TREAT – showing Lilly to The Mistress

  1. Indigo Byrd

    What a luscious hot image. I love Lilly’s harness especially how it surrounds her sex, I love your hands taking possession of her breasts, while you are still wearing clothes, and I adore the hand gesture she is making. And yes very sexy words.

  2. Marie Rebelle

    Gorgeous image, which almost could have told the story all by itself. Almost, because your words just make it a lot sexier than it already is!

    Rebel xox


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