BONDAGE GORILLA! (sinful sunday)

By | 1st April 2018

I’m later than normal to Sinful Sunday but I only returned last night from a rescue mission to see my son who has found himself, with no training, cooking for 12/14 people, 6 days a week, in a ski resort.

I tweeted about that experience and how our relationship developed over the short space of time we were together and had the most wonderful response from twitter followers. The tweet below earned nearly  50 likes, a huge number for me.

To watch him cook was wonderful but almost spooky:

To be able to help him was a very special thing.

Oh, yes. Sinful Sunday and this month’s prompt of humour! I knew I was here for a reason this morning. Here’s my image, snapped while skiing with my son. I had to let him run on ahead as my sudden interest in this restaurant might have been hard to explain. I love this guy – it seemed to me that there must be a bondage rigger in town who does this sort of thing as a side-line!

gorilla 2


I would just like to wish a wonderful Easter to all who visit PainAsPleasure. I love the community this has opened up for me, full of wonderful, supportive people, among whom I count some real friends.

Earlier this week I wrote a post about sex work, and the importance of respect for sex workers and for a sex worker’s time. Not so many people read it but it said some things I thought were important.  If you missed it you can find it here.


More humorous Sunday sin here:

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15 thoughts on “BONDAGE GORILLA! (sinful sunday)

  1. Aurora Glory

    Im glad you’ve had such a wonderful time with your son. And I have to admit this restaurant would definitely get my attention too Lol!
    Aurora x

  2. Elliott Henry

    Doesn’t look like that monkey is going anywhere soon. What a cool shot, thanks for putting it up.

    I enjoyed your story.

  3. Molly

    I saw your tweets about your son and they made me smile. I really hope I feel the same about my kids one day


  4. Missy

    We are multifaceted people. Being able to see each facet and watching the whole shine makes for a glorious sparkle. Seeing other sides of you is such a treat for the rest of us.
    Missy x

  5. Marie Rebelle

    I love the tweets about your son and how you grew closer in the span of a couple of days. Happy Easter to you too!

    Rebel xox

  6. eye

    I recognise the immediate attraction to something you can’t explain to your family. It always results in a secret smile ☺

  7. Mrs Fever

    A lovely story, thank you for sharing. And I think you’re right about there being a rigger in town! 😉

    Happy Easter! 🐰

  8. Cub

    I love those little chance encounters with kink out in the real world. Well spotted!


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