SLAPPED (sinful sunday)

By | 7th April 2018

We were nearing the end of a super-intense threesome BDSM session. I’d been in very deep and was asking for more, asking Elita to slap me, an act that, for me at least, manages to combine great intimacy with great violence. She’d obliged, hitting me hard and fast, sending me still deeper into my masochistic self.

Then she was behind me, a stranglehold on my neck, with Lilly kneeling on the bed facing me. I NEED to be hurt when I’m in this deep, casting round for ways to make it happen, like a drug addict looking for a fix. I made it clear I wanted Lilly to slap me. Her response was sudden and hard.

Smack! Smack!

I don’t know if Lilly intended to hit me that hard, or if she even understood quite how hard the blows were, but she really rattled my teeth. I think we were both shocked by her violence, our eyes locking with the sudden intensity of it.

Later, as we shared an Uber ride across town,  she looked over at me.

“Oh my God,” she said, “have you seen your cheek?”

slap marks

You could reasonably ask why Lilly got the blame rather than Elita but, as Elita necessarily keeps her pianists nails quite short, it was decided that she had to be innocent. I actually quite enjoyed the occasional pointed glance from fellow poker players later in the evening.

Not one of them asked about the marks though.

As if there were any doubt, Lilly sent me a picture of her beautiful hands.


I wrote about this session, or at least part of it, here. It’s one of my occasional “pores out of me only hours afterwards” posts. These are not always the best written, but are often more intense than posts I work at for days!


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15 thoughts on “SLAPPED (sinful sunday)

  1. Exposing40

    What an image. I would love to know how you explained the marks away from the more discreet poker table observations! Xx

  2. Brigit Delaney

    It’s like carrying a secret right in plain sight…and the surge of memory that must come rushing back every time someone asks what happened to your face…I bet it makes you smile.

  3. Jade

    I am struck by the double standard regarding marks on one’s face – on a man, onlookers probably think “Oh hey, wild sex! Way to go!” On a woman, they would probably think abuse. Knowing how they happened (and relating to your experience) they *are* sexy to me, but marks on my own face are a definite limit for that reason.

  4. Floss

    Ooh this is a super sexy image! Face slapping, hot. Marks, hot. The two combined, super hot =D

  5. missy

    What great marks – I am glad that you enjoyed both receiving them and then th thrill of wearing them after 😊

  6. Mrs Fever

    Leaving marks on an area of the body that is readily visible to others is, if not a ‘hard’ limit, a pretty inflexible one for me.

    I’m curious now, given your previous references to being marked in cover-able areas of the body, as to where you draw your lines with that.


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