Flogged (sinful sunday)

By | 14th April 2018

I would enjoy this image if I just stumbled across it on someone else’s twitter; the curve of her beautiful bottom, the warmth of their naked embrace; these are enticing things to me.

What makes it more special is knowing that the people in the image are Lilly Watson and I, and that it was taken by Mistress Elita during the hot and challenging dungeon scene we played out together.

Lilly bluedoor

But the real delight in it comes from remembering the exact circumstances. Elita was flogging Lilly’s bottom with a weighty suede flogger and broke off only to take the picture. In our previous threesome sessions I had felt that her punishment of Lilly was more for show than something involving real challenge: “Lilly’s not a masochist, but here’s a hot image that you, the kinky client, will enjoy,” seemed to be the tenor of it.

This time though, perhaps recognizing how far Lilly has travelled into her own submissive nature, Elita was flogging her rather hard; hitting one side of her bottom then the other, firm stinging strokes. Lilly’s reactions told the story; she jumped at each fall of the flogger and was whimpering into my chest as I held her tight. I whispered encouragement to her before each blow, willing her to make it to the allotted twenty strokes.

And that made it one of the hottest, most beautifully intimate and perfect little moments of Dominant/submissive play that I have ever been part of.

This session really was pretty extreme, full of eroticism and challenge. I got very lost in it all.

I wrote about it here.


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19 thoughts on “Flogged (sinful sunday)

  1. missy

    This is just gorgeous. She has an amazing body and it sounds like a beautiful experience. 🙂

  2. Ouizzi

    Wow this is hot and beautiful. Her bottom is delicious but the way you have set the scene for this image takes it to another level.

  3. Cara Thereon

    I was thinking of how hot it would be to hold someone during a spanking. Just looking at their face the whole time… unf. She has the most lovely bottom, but I’m sure she knows that.

  4. Molly

    That is one very fine bottom indeed. I have never held someone while they are being flogged etc but I can totally imagine how it could be a very erotic experience


  5. Elliott Henry

    Such an erotic story. To be holding a woman tight as she is being flogged would be so sexual. I don’t know if I could take it, and I wouldn’t be the one being whipped. The sex after would be amazing.

  6. Missy

    It is a perfect peachy bottom made even sexier with the tale of floggers and holding her tight.
    Missy x


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