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By | 13th April 2018

I always enjoy it when I can provide a platform for a kinky male who, like me, leads a life where a significant part of their true selves is “in the closet.” It’s fun to give such folk a chance to peek out of the closet and tell their story.

This was left as a comment on the About Me page of my blog but I wanted to give it a wider readership so created this guest post. J’s story chimes with me on all sorts of levels; the self spanking, the …well, read it and you’ll see why it chimes with me…

Hi. J. here adding my two cents
I too started experimenting at a young age with self punishment  and it was always a very private thing for me. I never told my parents about it and this was way before puberty set in so it wasn’t a sexual thing at that time. I would use anything that I thought might hurt enough to give me that strange pleasant tingly feeling inside…hairbrushes..rulers…garden canes…

I know it sounds unusual for a kid to be self inflicting pain.  Like I said I came from a stable loving family no real traumatic problems.  I did lose my mom to heart failure when I was twelve but I had already started self spanking by then. It carried on through my teens and into adulthood and it was just something I did…. Yes I developed sexual feelings as a teen but it didn’t connect with spanking until later around my twenties.

I never ventured the fact to anyone that I enjoyed spanking and it remained a solo activity, bar some very light spanking fun with my wife as foreplay. I didn’t seek a play partner until well into my forties by that time I had a family and a happy relationship and couldn’t bring myself to cheat on my wife who is my rock. So I went onto a spanking contact site and lo and behold found a kindred spirit in my hometown!

We exchanged emails and spoke on the phone. He was straight, as am I, and was in a similar situation to me as he had a partner who was vanilla. He had spanked males and females previously and explained that he was surprised by the number of people into spanking and impact play.  He was very good with me as a first timer putting me at ease and saying that if things get too unbearable just say stop…..

naked man on bed

He had me strip.. he had arranged pillows on the bed to lay on so it pushed my bottom higher…he started with a flogger which was a not too intense way to begin…then a paddle which was noisy and thumped more than smacked..then some sort of tennis shoe which really warmed my bottom as he alternated sides whacking one cheek then the other…he let me have a short breather…and he rubbed some baby oil on me which was lovely….then he used a couple of different canes on me they really got me squirming and he kept reminding me to breathe as I kept holding my breath after each stroke…I’d reached a moment of giddy joy ….the last six strokes I got with no breaks six straight whacks with the last being the hardest ….he was very complimentary and rubbed some cream on my welts as a first time session it was amazing.

I’ve seen him a few times since but nothing beats that first time for me. I confessed to my wife about where I’d been and she was very understanding but she still couldn’t understand why I sought out punishment.

I’m guessing its just part of the way we are.

4 thoughts on “J’S TALE – guest post

  1. Posy Churchgate

    Wonderful post – I love the honesty which is both raw and balanced. I like that J says “I guess that’s just the way we are” – so pleased J was able to be honest with his OH about it, and maybe if she researches on the internet etc. she may get to understand it better. I’m pleased J found your site B1 and I think you’ve done a great thing posting this to raise positivity around your mutual enjoyment of CP. The comments people leave will show J how accepting this community is.

  2. J.

    I hope B1 doesn’t mind me commenting on my own post.
    It was very nice of him to bump it from a comment to a guest post.
    Thanks for providing a opportunity to comment on our common interest.
    It’s a great blog and it’s nice to see others responding positively….many thanks

  3. Cousin Pons

    A very heartfelt and honest post from J and thank you for hosting it.
    I knew very little of spanking until last year when I met Jillian Keenan who has written a wonderful book on her life as a spankee entitled ‘Sex with Shakespeare’. Reading of J’s youthful experiences chimes with what Jillian has written about herself at that age.

  4. eye

    I love the sense of acceptance here, from you, the man who spanked you and your wife. It is really lovely.


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