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THREESOME – part 1 – prepared

There really was no excuse for this. Overwhelmed by January’s relentless mundanity? Weeks, months even, of barely talking to my partner? Brexitrump? Perhaps I just needed to switch it all off and throw myself into a few hours of hedonistic pleasure. A couple of nice wins at poker provided the final impetus and the funds.

PREDICAMENT – bondage with challenge

I like being handled. I particularly like being handled when I’m blindfold. For someone who would not be considered particularly tactile, this is a recent and surprising revelation. I guess it’s the feeling of releasing myself into the control of another, coupled with the inevitable shift in focus from whatever irrelevance was filling my head to the physical,… Read More »

KIDNAP! – a story of fear, pain and sex

I have a bit of a fantasy for the idea of kidnapping. It plays to those parts of my kink that are about loss of control and non-consent and I very much enjoyed writing a kidnap story early in the life of my blog. This new story plays with the same dynamics. Warning: This story contains scenes of  sexual violence… Read More »

PEGS – so many pegs (KOTW)

I’m lying on the bed, tied, immobile. Already sore and exhausted after she’s worked over my nipples till they are sensitive and raw. A bowl appears. It’s full of clothes pegs. She pushes my legs apart so she can reach my cock and balls. I can do clothes pegs. I’ve been here before. I’ve had more then… Read More »