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GINGER! – (Sinful Sunday)

Figging, according to Wikipedia is “The practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger root into the anus or the vagina of a person. It has been used as a means of punishment. It is also used as a BDSM practice.”

“BDSM Practice.” Well I practice BDSM so this must be for me, right?

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MISTRESS IN A DRESS – or out of it

If I use words like Mistress or Dominatrix what picture do you have? My guess is that you will imagine a beautiful woman, an authoritative presence, perhaps carrying a whip. But what is this woman wearing? Is she in tight fitting, body enhancing clothes of leather or rubber? Clothes that seem to mark her out as a High Priestess of her order. Such clothes make her enticing, yet also imperious and untouchable; ready to play games of dominance and submission, of pain and punishment

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This post, which is entirely a fantasy, contains implied non-consensual violence that will offend some people.

In fact, despite having written the post, it offends ME. It offends me because this is/was a fantasy of mine for years and, having written it down, I’m faced with the truth of what my fantasy actually means. That shocked me so I took the post down. But, at risk of opening myself to well deserved abuse, I’m going to put it back up with some thoughts here and at the end. Continue reading

KING’S CROSS – a beating with a view

Facing King’s Cross railway station in London is a small hotel. It’s rather good, with modern, well equipped bedrooms and excellent bathrooms which are perfect for the all-important post session soak in the shower. I won’t link to it as they might not approve of what I get up to in their rooms. I sessioned there recently with Mistress Elita.

Sometimes I want a session that is unpredictable and random; where the loss of control is total. At other times I want to take an old fantasy and refine it, get to the core of why it turns me on. This time I was looking for the ultimate expression of my “wordless beating” fantasy. Perhaps not the ultimate expression as that would imply an end of a journey. More an evolution; a taking to the next level.

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Elust 87– Last month’s best erotica

Welcome to Elust 87

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #88 Start with the rules, come back November 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

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WHAT LIES BENEATH – sinful sunday

Two pictures for Sinful Sunday today. One is very simple –  it’s of a businessman, tall, 50 something. One night last week he put on his Dinner Jacket, tied his bow tie and went for drinks and dinner in a huge room full of other people wearing Dinner Jackets. It was a large buzzy function, the monochrome of the men’s DJ’s enlivened by the glittering evening dresses of the ladies.

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THE CHOCOLATE LOAF – baking class

I recognise the type as soon as she walks into my kitchen. In the three years I’ve been running my occasional bread baking classes  there’s been a few like her. Forty something; part of the Nicola Horlick “you can have it all” generation; she and her husband have both been banking million pound city bonuses for a few years;  they’ve sold their huge loft apartment with its view over the Thames and moved to the country in search of the fantasy of  “a small country living.” The kids she had in her late 30’s are off at boarding school and since they left she’s made blackberry jam, picked Elder Flowers for champagne, done two or three sessions of basket weaving with the crazy woman in the village and now it’s my turn, with my one day “Need to Knead – introduction to hand made bread” course.

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DEAR MISTRESS – countdown to a beating

Before every session I send an email letter to the Mistress. It’s main purpose is to lay out any thoughts I might have about the session; things I might like to try, things I might like to avoid. It might be a detailed description of a scene I would like to enact or it might simply say: “I am in your hands.” Sometimes I want her to assault me as soon as I walk in the door; sometimes I want it to be slow and erotic. Whatever it says, the letter always starts the countdown to the session itself.

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GAME OF TWO HALVES – role shift

I’m nervous as I sit with my Gin in the bar of the hotel, waiting for her text. I’m always nervous. Her last text, “I have the key” had sent a little spike of adrenaline through me, quickening my pulse. Adrenaline is not only a drug for prey; adrenaline is also the drug that gives the predator the extra turn of pace, the confidence to makes its attack. Today I am the predator; she, the sender of the text, is my prey.

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